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Ladies and gentleman, may I have the honor of introducing the lovely Lady Catriel!

Here it is, chapter two! Thank you so much for reading, and feedback/critique is always greatly appreciated!

Ethereal (Chapter Two)

February 19, 2018


Awaken, young one, for Yahweh has delivered you from evil;
Awaken, broken one, for the Lord God has made you whole;
Awaken, brave one, for yours is the heart of a warrior;
Awaken, loved one, for the Almighty has called you to his side.”

New words from a new voice. They pulled me, carried me through the blinding light and held me, warm and safe.
I was waking up.
But I was afraid to open my eyes.
I didn't want to wake up. I didn't want to return to a world of pain and suffering. I didn't want to be alive.
But suddenly, I didn't have a choice.
With the sound of the new voice came a touch on my forehead, and a current of energy jolted through me, like an electric shock. A flash of life, and I was suddenly, dreadfully aware of my existence once more. I gasped, my first breath back in the real world, and my chest heaved. I felt it like a wave crashing over me, pure life flowing through me. It was confusing, terrifying. I trembled in shock and clung, shaking, to the arms that held me.
The arms that held me?
I raised my head and found that the person to whom the new voice belonged was kneeling beside me, cradling me, and crying softly.
And in that moment I was wonderstruck, for she was the most extraordinary person I'd ever seen.
Her auroral blue eyes gazed into my own, shining with tears and radiating with a love and compassion I never knew existed.
Not a word passed between us, but she brought her forehead down to mine, her eyes closed, and her tears mingling with mine. I clung to her and sobbed, for the gamut of emotions running rampant through me was too much.
“I'm sorry,” her voice was ragged and choked with sobs. “I'm so sorry.”

I fell asleep, nestled in her arms. When I awoke, she was still there, on her knees, holding me. She was looking up at the sky and singing softly. Her voice was soothing and beautiful. I could have stayed there, like that, forever, but eventually her eyes left the sky and met mine. When she saw that I was awake, she smiled.
“Hello,” she said kindly.
“Hello,” I replied.

“Come with me.”
Her sapphire eyes sparkled as she stood, pulling me up with her. She let go of my hands when I got to my feet, and turned around and leaped up to the roof of the two-story building that walled the east side of the alleyway like it was nothing. I stood there, perplexed and astounded, when she peaked her head over the edge of building.
“Just jump,” she said, a smile in her voice.
I jumped, and my heart suddenly dropped to my feet. I felt a rush of movement as my legs propelled me upward as if I weighed less than feather, and then I was on the roof, next to the girl, who smiled excitedly. I didn't stop to question how.
“Come on.” She took my hand and pulled me with her as she broke into a jog, then a run, dropping my hand as I ran beside her. We ran tirelessly, leaping lightly over alleyways and streets and rooftops, laughing and shouting.
Finally, out of breath, we skidded to a stop at the edge of a high-rise overlooking the city. I'd never noticed it before, but the way the morning sun glinted off of the thousands of glass windows was really beautiful, like a sea of rippling topaz.
I glanced over at the girl by my side, and saw a shining blue flare in her eyes. She was excited, brilliantly happy. Her whole face beamed with it.
“I've never seen anyone like you,” I whispered as I panted, though not loud enough for her to hear. We stood quietly for a few minutes, drinking in the rose-gold sunrise, comfortable in the silence between us, as if we had known each other our whole lives.
“What's your name?” She asked finally, her voice soft and friendly.
“My . . . name?” I paused. It had been a very long time since I had been known by any name—before, no one had cared to know it. But she did.
“Kit,” I said at last, looking her in the eye. “My name is Kit.”
For some reason, that made her laugh out loud.
“I'm Cat,” she replied, smiling back at me, and then I understood the spark of mirth in her eyes. “Short for Catriel.”
“Catriel . . .” I whispered, pondering the short but exquisite name. It fit her perfectly. And the way she pronounced it, with a short rolled r was exotic and wonderful; to me, anyway.
We sat in silence for a little while longer, our legs dangling off of the edge of the rooftop, the wind tousling our hair. I glanced over at the girl and finally got a good look at her. She had short, sort of spiky blonde hair (kind of like mine) that stuck out from underneath a dark green army cap, which matched her army jacket of the same shade, underneath which she wore a white sweater. Her jeans were navy blue and a little worn at the knees, and on her feet she wore white sneakers.
Cat's eyes were by far the most stunning thing about her. Bright enough to outshine the starriest nightsky, and so blue that they would make the purest sapphire look dull and dim. I'd heard that “the eyes are the window to the soul”, and in her case that was entirely true. With them, she could say a thousand words without even speaking.

“What . . . what happened to me?”
I saw, to my dismay, that my question darkened her bright mood considerably. She sighed and ducked her head. “Everything that shouldn't have happened.”
“What do you mean?”
“You shouldn't have been hurt like that, Kit. You shouldn't have been alone for so long. You shouldn't have been at the mercy of a monster such as he was. You never deserved that. No one does.” Her voice was starting to sound strained and broken. She pulled her knees up to her chest and hid her face. I heard her whisper, “I could have saved you.”
I sat in silence, completely dumbfounded, not knowing what to say but needing to say something.
“But . . . but I'm all right now,” I offered, and it was true. All the pain I had experienced the night before, all the injuries I had been inflicted with, they were gone. Completely. Not even faded scars remained. Even my clothes were new and un-torn. Instead of a faded blue hoodie, ragged jeans, and worn out shoes, I now wore a dark red sweater, navy blue jeans and white sneakers.
Cat lifted her head and nodded. “Yahweh healed you.” She even smiled a little.
“ . . . Yahweh?”
Cat looked up at me. She said nothing for a moment, just stared at me. Her eyes held a soft, sympathetic gleam. Then, “Remember . . . your past, Kit. What was it like?”
I stared back at her, saw the pain in her eyes. I shuddered. “It was . . . it was horrible,” I muttered. “Just pain, and loneliness, a-and fear, and . . . monsters.”
“Monsters.” Cat repeated softly, nodding.
My eyes darted back to hers. She knew.
“You . . . you, too?” I asked hesitantly. She nodded sadly.
Neither of us said a word for several minutes, then she whispered gravely, “There are many like us.”
She looked up, back at me. “Come with me.”


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    Oooh!!! So good! Please keep writing. Great job!

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    EEEK CLIFFHANGER! Can't wait for more. Awesome job. ;3

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