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A humble young storyteller who loves sunny days, brightly colored cacti, the ocean, and you.

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I'm a young storytellin' gal just over a month shy of being an actual, legal adult . . . that's a scary thought.
My writing passion is fiction/high fantasy, but every now and then I pop out an edgy poem or two about my feelings.
I am also a theatre kid. 100%. If writing is my passion, then acting is my dream.
I just love to tell good stories any way I can.

For You, I Would

February 18, 2018


Sometimes I think you'll never know
How much I'd do for you
Unless I did it.

Sometimes I think you'd only understand
How much I would give for you
If I gave it all.

A bullet through my heart
That was meant for yours.

A quicksilver blade,
Flashed for you, but bit me.

Steel teeth, biting scarlet.
Blood spilled, flesh torn.

Maybe then, as the life died in my eyes,
You'd see the love that's there for you
That's always been, and always will be

Maybe then, through crystalline tears
Frozen in time, as I slipped away,
You'd understand what I could never find words to say.

For you, I would.

For you, my darling, my dear . . .

I would.


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  • AbigailSauble

    Great descriptions. I love how you bring your writing to life. :)

    about 2 years ago