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Emotional Wrecks: Chapter Three

March 18, 2018


Danny’s mom commanded him to go explore the city. He eventually found a grocery store, and went in. There, saw an awesome derby hat on sale. Being the irrational teenager he was, he bought it. He decided to get some food.

“Hey, kid!” A voice said behind him. Danny turned around and saw Mustard.

”Oh, hey!” Danny said,”Need something?”

”Yeah,” Mustard’s companion said,”Your money.”

”Plus shipping and handling,” Mustard said.

”I told you, I can’t pay,” Danny said.

”Really?” Mustard said,”Then how’d you pay for that hat?” 

He grabbed the hat, and said,”Well take this as payment.”

”No!” Danny said,”That’s my hat!”

”What are you gonna do about it?” Mustard said, pushing Danny,”If your so tough, punch me.”

Now, Mustard liked probability, it was his best class, and he thought Danny’s punch would do nothing.
He did not account for the dangerousness of anomalies.
Danny punched Mustard in the stomach, which the latter flying into a telephone pole, making the pole fall like a newly chopped Christmas tree. Witnesses to this event did not see what happened, probably never remember.

However, Danny was happy to get his hat back.


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  • 16missing

    Ha, that's what you get for underestimating someone!

    almost 2 years ago