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I am an immature writer trying to improve my skill as much as I can, so I can convert my ideas into stories.

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Wendigo is one of the most bad ass mythical demon which is notorious for cannibalism. Search it on the internet you will like it if you like demon mythology.


March 13, 2018

It flow in air with a thunderous crack which can make you bleed to your death and it comes when the birds fly away shrieking with terror into the horizon. we too make birds fly and it is most embarrassing thing for me to got announced by someone other than my claw after waiting for many hour in smearing sun, just because some sharp eyed bird saw you, and then there go your pray to live another day.It comes when the birds fly away. My mother had taught me that the forest is meant to be ruled by us and the parched ground of it is meant to bear our remembrance in prints of our paw but still a horror lurk at the border of forest, a monster with is insatiable hunger, to devour any life form it can laid its eyes upon. It walk on two legs like monkeys but is more bigger and uglier than them. It can changes its form and color. it comes when the birds fly away. when it comes it is better to stand still pretending to be a thing but if it attacked you even then, than lunge on it trying best to kill it as quick you can because it flows in air and before you can even see it you will be draining out of your life. Some of us claim to kill them, but I don't believe them, because my mother was the strongest thing I have ever seen. I remember clearly waiting on my haunches, for my mother went for a hunt. looking toward sun as it melt into the sky its pinkish blood diffusing everywhere CRACK! I heard a bolt of thunder and shrieks of birds, piercing the forest's serenity. The shrieks of birds flying away.
well I know i didn't  elicit  my monster and it is in some sense this piece is incomplete. the protagonist of story is lion and monster is humans


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