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February 17, 2018

Grinning honey-sweet with too wide eyes
clouds shiver with starfire lies-
The Dragon wakes, soft mountains
and diamond for a spine

Dripped down into smooth dark,
and the Serpent murmurs, coiled neat and tight-
feathers for scales and scales for feathers;
chasing the memory of light

And it whispers,
whip sharp and razor thin:
Child, child, child, you would come to me yet
my favorite child, my child, my child mine

Blinked awake, the Dove flies on wings
made of a thousand strands of what could be fools-gold
Casts too large a shadow,
offerings clamped in a bloody beak

And it whispers,
benevolent and cruel:
Child, my beloved child, I love you I love you
you would come to me you would you would

Teeth as sharp as cathedral spires,
stained glass halls adorned with pictures of martyrs-
Slain beasts with lamps for eyes,
blackness reflected in trembling irises

Dragon twists, between scales looms a great divide,
hollow yearning spaces called faith-
And the Dove whispers and the Serpent murmurs
but in the dead of night they sound the same

Child, my most valued child, I love you I love you
come to me come to me,
my favorite child my favorite child my child
my child my child mine

With a candle-soft gaze,
the Dragon; worlds and worlds at their feet;
crooked toothed and terrified
while the Dove whispers and the Serpent murmurs

Curled into skin, skies gleaming bone-white;
sallow and sick, oil and promises:
Child, my child, you would come to me yet-
The Dragon bows their head and cries oceans down from bitter eyes

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  • Kaitlyn ❄

    This was beautiful and scary at the same time.

    over 2 years ago
  • Lumisade

    Are you a Muse? This is stunning, brilliant, spectacular! I'm trying to come up with some helpful criticism, but I can't find anything that I don't think is marvelous in this work of yours.

    over 2 years ago