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We Got Lost in a Graveyard

February 17, 2018


It happened in a graveyard. 
   Quite a few chilling tales begin this way. What is more spooky than an old cemetery? Read on.
   We were just a group of high-schoolers (with a few college-goers sprinkled in) having a game night at a friend's house. It was misting outside, and the warm light and laughter of the house seemed twice as cozy compared to it. 
   Then Charles suggested that we romp around the cemetery nearby. Charles loved excitement. He was a glow-worm who attracted everyone to him, and carried a metaphorical bundle of gasoline-soaked sticks to make a fire with. All this said, he had an A+ personality. 
   Naturally, any protest against the wisdom of his suggestion proved unsuccessful. The extroverts won out. In the end, five stayed behind (to pick up our remains in the morning, no doubt), and the rest of us -eleven in all- trooped out into the cold night air. Our weapons were our flashlights, of which there was a scant amount.
   The soft fall of mist enveloped us as we laughed and hustled our way through the trees behind the house. The house in question quickly disappeared, and with it all hopes of turning back. I'll proudly admit that I am an introvert. And as people of my kind often do, I was seriously rethinking my decision to come along.
   I supposed on one hand that there needed to be a mature teen to keep things relatively safe. But on the other hand, the only thing I'd be thinking about was how soaked I was going to be by the time we got back. Zoning out of my feelings momentarily, I watched the group ahead of me. 
   Charles led the way, chatting gaily with Louise, another extrovert. Following behind them was Charles' brother Erick. A friendly, replica of his older brother. Beside him was Michael, who was the youngest in the group, but one of the more sensible as well. Behind them walked Jane, Joy, and Lynette. A jovial trio, to be sure. Jane and Joy, both with wavy, red hair, and Lynette with her thick dark brown ponytail.
   Then there was Joel and Scott. Joel was very shy, but also had a funny personality. He could be counted on to make sure that things didn't get out of hand. Scott was another of Charles' brothers, and was a person -in my mind- of deeper thoughts and shyer actions. I was glad for the company of another mature teen on this nighttime quest. 
   Finally there was me. Growing more and more nervous the further we went. Despite my shyness, I drew closer to the group, and lifted my hood up against the mist.
   Then there it was. There was no hesitation. No thought as we entered the gated enclosure. Well, I had one thought: Interesting. Let's go back. But no way was I going back through those woods alone. Everyone's voices hushed, and the trio giggled nervously. 
   My curiosity overcame my fear as I looked around. Mossy headstones stuck up in random places all over, like dead stumps. I glanced over inscriptions, names, and dates. These had been people like us. With lives of their own. Family and friends to laugh with. 
   I hoped that their cause of death wasn't from going into cemeteries at night. 
   "Rose!" Scott called, gesturing for me to come over. "It's your name." 
"Oh, perfect." I smiled sarcastically. "I always wanted to have my name on a tombstone." I read the full engraving. 
   Emily Rose Patterson. 
          1901 - 1980
      Forever in peace
     Forever with God  

   "That's neat." I murmured." 
   "Yeah." Joel agreed.
   An awkward silence followed, which was filled in by the increasingly loud background noise of the group talking behind us. 
   "No full moon tonight." Louise observed, looking up at the cloudy sky.
"There's always a full moon. Whether we see it or not." I spoke softly. Only Joel and Scott heard, and they smiled. 
   "I think the mist is a perfect setting." Lynette smiled in approval, and flicked her ponytail over her shoulder. 
   Yes, yes. Very nice. Now let's go back. My mind mentally ran out through the gate. 
"What are we going to do?" Jane asked, shifting from one foot to the other to keep warm. 
   Run. My brain suggested calmly. 
   "Anyone found their name yet?" Joy glanced at the headstones. 
I held my breath, and waited for Scott or Joel to spill the beans. They didn't. I wrote a mental note to thank them later. 
   As the group discussed things we could do, the fog crept in around us. When I realized it, I could barely see ten feet in front of me. I likened it to mashed potatoes with extra milk and butter. Except that it was tasteless, and slightly scary.
   We tried retracing our steps, but the fog was too thick, and the flashlights were no help.
   "We'll get back alright." Charles started off resolutely in the direction of the house, but the trees were too many, and our visibility poor, that we weren't sure of our direction.
   It felt twice as long as the way we had come, but still we walked. Then abruptly, the fog thinned out, and we found ourselves by a paved road. Everyone was silent for a moment, then we set out on the side of the road. Eleven vagabonds searching for their homeland. 
   It was midnight by the time we got back, but the important thing is that we got there in one piece.
And that's the story of how we got lost in a graveyard. 


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  • AbigailSauble

    Very funny. :P All the people in this story you know. ;) But names have been changed to protect the guilty. ;) No, it didn't happen. It's called my imagination. Really, though. A group of kids went to the cemetery, and I was one of those who stayed behind at the house. ;)

    about 2 years ago
  • Victoria Penning

    This was really good! :) Some of these names kind of sounded familiar. Did this happen? ;P

    about 2 years ago