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The Monster of Within

February 17, 2018

I am worked up over nothing, I am continually told it doesn't matter but next weeks math test is keeping me on edge. My brain is on overdrive, two over five multiplied by seven over five is... I need to chill out and take a break before I lose it completely. 

Since I was six I have suffered from anxiety, a monster of within that takes control of my brain when it is least convenient and sends me straight up the wall. I have been taught how to deal with it, remembering is the challenge. It's difficult to explain and hard to understand, so I don't try to discuss it unless absolutely necessary. All I know is that it's apart of me that will always be with me.

On Thursday I take a test in my Maths class, as I have done every semester since starting high school but according to my brain, this time is different. I try to tell myself it doesn't matter and so have the rest of my family, but this is one big beast. The brain is a powerful computer with a difference, there's no sleep option... I can only dream of such an update. 

People always have something they get nervous about, whether it's the dark or that scary uncle who visits at Christmas. But I get anxious about every little thing from family celebrations to swimming sports. My anxiety is a villain the takes over my ability to be calm and that is something I find impossible to reverse.

I just need to be brave and this monster can be conquered, at least that's how the superheroes do it...



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1 Comment
  • rainandsonder

    A different kind of monster, but a monster nonetheless. Great piece!

    over 2 years ago