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And Now He’s a Superhero: Chapter One

February 16, 2018


Most superheroes belong to the Superhero Licensing and Management Agency. It’s like the DMV, but for superheroes. Those who are not licensed are considered vigilantes, and are arrested.

Now, there was a man that was completely unaware that he had superpowers. I mean, sure he’s seen some weird things around him before, but he never suspected it was because of him. He thought that there was an invisible monster, following his every move.

He never thought he could control gravity.

He noticed this when he got stuck to a wall. Well, his chair did. He was on the ceiling, just standing in it.

”...I will never eat fast food at night ever again,” The man said. He pulled out his cell phone from his pocket.

”Hey Tim,” The man said,”It’s Gordon.”

”...I know you’re Gordon,” Tim said,”I can see your name on my phone.”

”...Right then,” Gordon said,”I’m stuck to the ceiling.”

”You need to stop getting medicine from that pharmacy.”

”No man, I can walk around, it’s like...I don’t know.”

Tim thought about this. ”Try jumping,” He said after a minute.

”Okay,” Gordon jumped. He landed on the ceiling.

”I’m still on the ceiling,” 

“Okay....my physics degree is speaking to me...” Tim said,”I think you’re center of gravity is in the ceiling now.”


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