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Cowarly Swordsman Chapter Eight

February 18, 2018


Cowardly spent his free time trying to find Stealthy Swordsman. Do the fact Stealthy was true to his name, he was incredibly hard to find. Instead of Cowardly finding Stealthy, it was the other way around.

”Hey,” Stealthy said, then proceeded to help the startled Cowardly up.

”So, you took care of a robber?” Stealthy asked.

”Well, Mustachioed did all the work...”

”But you knocked out one of them! That counts for something!”

”I suppose...”

Mustachioed and Painter Swordsman barged in, and yelled for Grandmaster Toby. The old man was suddenly in the room, no one saw him come in.

”What’s the problem?” He snapped,”Make it snappy.”

”There’s a zepplin outside,” Mustachioed said.

”Is it attacking anything?” 


”Then what’s the worry, baby?”

”It’s going to attack here!” Mustachioed yelled.


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