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The Monster of Room 207

June 20, 2019

“I firmly believe I’ve lost my mind.” The teacher declared, snatching her knit handbag off the computer table and clutching it to her chest. In one fluid motion, she was on her feet and hobbling towards the door. She was halfway through the door frame when she turned around and pointed her crooked, wrinkled finger back at all of us. Her gaze found each of our faces for a brief second before it moved on to the next victim. Every time she met a pair of hate-crazed eyes, the heart attached to those eyes lost a few beats in translation.

    “On second thought, I don’t believe I’ve lost my mind after all. It’s all of you. It is all of you vile vermin, you disgusting sacks of filth. You arrogant, despicable monsters. I cannot comprehend how you sleep at night.”

On that happy note, the old woman fled the scene.

Johnny Zangster stared at the empty door frame, his green eyes wide in fright. He held Clarence Dunlap by the laces of his Converse. In that instant of altered reality, even Clarence, whose face was glowing like an oven left on too long, remained silent. His gaze laid on the same landmark Jonny was watching with all of his concentration. The rest of us watched Clarence watch the door, our breaths caught in our dry throats that were hoarse from yelling just moments before.
 All of a sudden, a dull thud sounded through the room. Clarence whimpered, holding his elbow in the palm of his hand. We anxiously awaited the kick, the punch, the taunt...and were crudely denied.
 Johnny extended his hand to the boy on the floor, who took it with a pitiful expression. Wiping his nose on his sleeve, Clarence stood, watching Johnny with shaking hands. This time, we knew for sure we would get what we wanted.
In a shocking turn of events, Johnny Zangster, terror of the underclass, turned on his heels and sprinted through that dreaded door frame.
 Clarence Dunlap sighed in relief, slumping against the white brick wall. He firmly believed that he was safe...but there were still twenty-three monsters in the room, their eyes locked on his slender frame. All twenty-three of these monsters stood in silence. They were waiting. They were watching. Always watching.


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