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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 10!!!
(Fudge, please read the note at the bottom once you get to it...)

Chaos Pacificae (11)

February 25, 2018


[WARNING!!!: This, as you may have noticed, is the eleventh installment of this story. If you haven't read the previous ten installments, I must highly advise that you read them BEFORE you read this one. Otherwise, things will not make as much sense as they're supposed to.] 
[OTHER KIND OF WARNING!!!: This installment contains spiders. If you have arachnophobia or just don't like spiders, exercise extreme caution when reading this installment. THERE WILL BE SPIDERS.] 
[TIP: Don't look up "cencervitaur." It's not a thing. I made it up.] 
{MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: "Spidery Caves" (may not work on mobile devices)} 
[FULL DISCLOSURE: This very sentence is just meant to take up space. I'm just trying to take up as much space as necessary here so that the entire installment will be hidden until you click the link to open this part. If you can see this sentence and it isn't the last one you see, that means that I have failed to do what I was trying to do with this sentence, despite my decision to make it incredibly long and somewhat redundant, because I don't tend to have the best luck, and Murphy's Law kinda hates me from time to time.] 

    On Coronet Iota, in a spider cave...

    Suddenly, Pax and Keira could see again! However, their eyes needed to adjust... 
    They were in that spider cave, stuck to a huge spider web! They tried to move, but they couldn't. The spider web was too sticky, and they were stuck like flies. There were lots of tiny spiders crawling and hanging around them, but they were all staying away from them for some reason...
    Okay, why do these webs feel so weird? Pax thought to himself. I figured they would just be sticky, but they feel... Wet... Oh, right! Spider webs are affected by humidity! 
    No no no no no no no no, this can't be happening
, Keira thought to herself, freaking in. No no no no no! 
    Right then, they were startled as a figure dropped down from the ceiling and landed right in front of them! This figure was a SPIDER WOMAN!!! She (probably) had a normal torso, which was covered by a purple blouse (which is why the word "probably" was used). Other than that, though, there was very little that was conventional about this woman. She appeared to be somewhere between 17 and 19 years old, but how can you tell with spider folk? She had four spidery legs, four humanish arms, short black hair with a pink bow in it, five green eyes that kept taking turns blinking (there were always at LEAST two eyes open at a time), black lipstick, and little fangs. 
    "Hello there," said the spider person, who must have been the voice they had heard before. 
    "Uh, h-hi?" said Pax, still a bit confused by this planet. 
    Keira didn't say anything. She was too terrified to speak. 
    "Hmm..." said the spider person, glancing over at Keira. 
    Spiders, Keira thought to herself, it just HAD to be spiders. Of all the weird hybrid creatures on this freaking planet, we had to get captured by SPIDERS. 
    Then, the spider person swiftly moved to be right in front of Keira, getting up close to her face. Keira turned her head to look away, eyes shut tight, teeth clenched. 
    "You seem to be... frightened," said the spider person. "Why could that be, I wonder?" 
    Pax looked from Keira, to the spider person, back to Keira again. Finally, he figured it out. 
    "Wait, Keira," said Pax, "do you have arachnophobia?" 
    "What do YOU think?" Keira said coldly (but nervously) through her clenched teeth. Her eyes were shut so tight, it was starting to hurt. 
    "I'll take that as a yes," said Pax. "Is that why you didn't wanna come into the cave?" 
    "That's... One reason," said Keira. "and, uh... THIS SITUATION is the other." 
    "What do you mean, this situatioooo-oh, we're in a web. Trapped. Now I get it." 
    The spider person leaned a bit closer to Keira, and Keira instinctively flinched, whimpering a little in fear. 
    "Um, excuse me," said Pax, "could you please possibly stop scaring my friend, ma'am?" 
    The spider person then swiftly moved to Pax. 
    "Don't call me ma'am," said the spider person, "I'm barely an adult! I just turned 18 yesterday." 
    "Oh, happy birthday," said Pax, actually meaning it. 
    "...Thank you..." said the spider person, her eyes narrowing slightly. 
    The spider person took this time to observe Pax, as Pax observed her as well. 
    Now that I've gotten over the whole "spider hybrid" thing, Pax thought to himself, this girl is... Actually kinda... Cute? In a weird way... Like a platypus! It makes no sense, but it's cute? What? 
"You seem like generous, sweet individuals," the spider lady said, backing up to look at both of them. 
    "...Well, he is," Keira said. 
    "I try!" Pax added with a smile. 
    "So," said the spider person, with a cute smile, "I don't suppose you could spare a struggling spider some money?" 
    "I wish I could," said Pax, "I really do, but, uh... I, uh, heh heh, I actually don't have any money. Heh heh..." 
    The spider person then swiftly moved to be right in front of Pax again. 
    "Oh," said the spider person, making a pouting face, "Well, that's disappointing..." 
    The spider lady then noticed Pax's locket, and her eyes lit up (but not literally; her eyes cannot glow). 
    "Oh, that's a lovely necklace you're wearing," said the spider person. 
    "Oh, thanks! You're not the first person to tell me that today." 
    "Hmm..." said the spider person, licking her lips, "That should fetch a pretty penny at the Paws & Claws Pawn Shop. Oh, Spinny?" 
    Right then, a little spider dangling from a thread of web descended to be right next to the spider person. 
    "Hello, little one," said the spider person. "Would you be so kind as to fetch that necklace this boy is wearing? I want to take a closer look at it." 
    The spider "nodded?", and swung closer to Pax. It reached out to touch Pax's locket... Then, as its little limbs made contact with the locket, the spider squealed in pain and retreated, steam coming off of the ends of its limbs! 
    "Oh, Spinny! Are you okay?" the spider person said. "No matter, I shall take the necklace myself." 
    The spider person then reached out and grabbed the locket... Only to quickly move her hand away from it a moment later, steam coming off of her hand. She hissed in pain, her fangs becoming more visible. For a moment, her green eyes flashed red. 
    "...Ow," said the spider person. 
    "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I'm so so so sorry!" said Pax, worried. "I don't know why it keeps doing that. It's a new locket, and it has this weird magic thing in it, and I'm not really sure how it all works yet, so-" 
    "Shut UP," said the spider person, still in pain. 
    That's when things started getting scary. Her eyes flashed red, she bared her fangs, and her fingers grew claws! Then, she lunged! Pax and Keira both looked away, waiting for their doom... 
    ...But it didn't come. Instead, they heard the sound of magic, immediately followed by the sound of someone colliding with a magical wall. 
    They both looked, and they saw that a translucent red force field had been created, protecting them! It seemed to be coming from Pax's locket! The spider person was rubbing her head with one of her four hands, having apparently collided with the force field head-first. 
    "Ow ow ow, okay, THAT hurt," said the spider person. 
    Then, she started clawing at the force field repetitively, as if trying to claw her way through it. 
    It almost looked like it was working, until... 
    A hoofed foot kicked her away! 
    When Pax and Keira looked, they saw a cencervitaur! (That's a combination of a centaur--man-horse--and a cervitaur--man-deer. A MAN-DEER-HORSE!). The cencervitaur had two brown, hairy, horse-like legs, big eyes, a fancy-yet-casual suit, a plaid scarf, and antlers, which protruded through holes in his fedora (yes, he was wearing a fedora). 
    "Alright, that's enough outta you," said the cencervitaur, who had a Scottish accent. "Quit terrorising these two kids, A-rockle!" (pronounced "uh-ROCK-kll). 
    "It's Araquelle, and you KNOW IT!!!" the spider person shouted. (pronounced "Ah-Rah-KELL"). 
    "Crawl back into your cave and think about what you've done, Rock!" 
    Araquelle hissed, then begrudgingly skittered away, going deeper into the cave. 
    "And don't come out until you're nicer!" the cencervitaur added. 
    Then, with a swing of his antlers, he cut the webs that were ensnaring Pax and Keira, and they fell to the ground. (Fortunately, they were only a few feet up). 
    "C'mon, laddies," said the cencervitaur. "Let's get out of this cave." 
    So, the three of them quickly exited the cave. 

    Once they were out of the cave, they paused to catch their breath. 
    "You laddies alright?" said the cencervitaur. 
    "Yeah, thanks to you," said Pax. 
    "Yeah, if you hadn't shown up when you did," said Keira, "we would've been spider bait." 
    "I'm sorry about her," said the cencervitaur. "She gets really angry at times." 
    Pax chuckled a little bit. 
    "Angry?" said Pax with a smile, "Or, fangry?" 
    The cencervitaur tried to suppress his laughter, but he failed. He burst out laughing, as if that was the best joke he had heard in years. 
    "Oh ho ho ha, f-ha ha, fangry-hahaha! Ah, that's the best pun I've heard in AGES! Oh, you've got quite the wit, lad!" 
    "Thanks!" said Pax. "So, uh, forgive me if this is a rude or weird thing to ask, but... Are you a centaur?" 
    "No, I'm not a centaur," said the cencervitaur, still smiling. "That's a common mistake. I'm a cencervitaur, also known as a manderose! I'm part man, part deer, part horse." 
    "...Oooooooookaaaaay? Anyway, thanks again for saving us, Mr...." 
    "Oh, I haven't introduced myself, have I? The name's Seamus Stormberry, but, you two laddies can call me Sam." 
    "Well, it's nice to meet you, Sam," said Keira. 
    "Wait wait wait, hang on a sec," said Pax, "Sam Stormberry?" 
    "Yes, that's the name!" said Sam. 
    There was something familiar about that name. 
    Sam Stormberry, Pax thought to himself, Sam Stormberry... Sam Storm...!!! 
    He figured it out. 
    "Sammy Storm?" Pax said. 
    "Why, how did you know about my old nickname?" said Sam, surprised. 
    Pax and Keira couldn't believe their luck. They just HAPPENED to be rescued by the exact person they were looking for! 
    "We were sent here to find you!" Pax exclaimed, excited. 
    "Yeah!" Keira added. "Linden told us that you could h-" 
    "Wait," Sam said, cutting her off, "you know Linden?" 
    Then, right on cue, Linden shows up, startling Pax and Keira yet again! 
    "You called?" Linden said with a smile. 
    "Seriously," said Keira, annoyed, "can't you put on some kind of ghost bell or something?" 
    "Right, and where am I supposed to find one of those? At the Ghostly Grocery?" 
    Sam was shocked. 
    "Linden?" said Sam. "Is that really you?" 
    "Well, it's certainly not Henry!" 
    Then, Sam started laughing. (Not a "this is hilarious" laugh. A "I did not expect to see this old friend of mine" laugh.) 
    "Lindy me boy!" said Sam. "It's great to see you again!" 
    "Great to see you again too, Sammy!" 
    "I can't believe you're still kickin'!" 
    "...Um, Sammy?" 
    Linden then gestured towards himself, trying to point out his obvious ghostliness. After a few moments, Sam realized his mistake. 
    "Oh, right!" said Sam, laughing a little. "I can't believe I didn't notice!" 
    "Don't worry," said Linden, "I'm still getting used to it, too. It was actually rather recent, right, Keira?" 
    "You're never gonna let me live that down, are you?" said Keira, doing that pinching-the-bridge-of-her-nose-in-annoyance thing again. 
    "I may not be mad about my demise," said Linden, "but I can still make sure you don't forget that you caused it." 
    Sam then did a bit of a double take. 
    "Wait," said Sam, "you offed Linden? This lass offed you?" 
    "Long story" said Keira and Linden at the same time. 
    Right then, as they were chatting, one of the natives noticed Linden, and his face lit up (figuratively)! 
    "Yo, guys, look, it's Linden!" the native shouted. 
    Then, a bunch of other natives noticed, and they gathered around, greeting Linden like an old friend. 
    "Heyyyyy, Linden!" 
    "Lindy, mah MAN!" 
    "Azor, my friend!" 
    "If it isn't Snazzy Azzy!" 
    "Pleasure to see you all again, my friends!" said Linden with a big smile. 
    "Wait, you know all of these people?" Keira asked, confused. 
    "No, we're all strangers that happen to have nicknames for each other. OF COURSE, we know each other!" 
    "Wait," said Pax, "are you FROM here?" 
    At that, Linden and the other natives started laughing. (It was a friendly laugh, though. Not a mocking laugh.) 
    "Do I LOOK like I'm from here?" said Linden after his laughing decreased a little. "I'm too human to be a Coronetian!" 
    Then, Linden turned to Sam. 
    "Teenagers, am I right?" Linden said. 
    "You said it, Lindy," Sam agreed. 
    "Okay," said Keira, "so everybody knows Linden, and now we all know that we all know him. Now that THAT's covered, can we PLEASE get back to our mysterious mission?" 
    "I second that!" Pax added. 
    "Right," said Linden. "Sammy, allow me to properly introduce you to Pax and Keira." 
    As soon as Linden said those names, Sam's eyes widened (even more than they already were; he's part deer, remember?). 
    "Wait, Pax and Keira?" said Sam. "As in, the ch-" 
    "Shh!" Linden shushed, cutting him off. "Careful! Remember, the Cryptic Code." 
    "Right, right." 
    Pax and Keira looked at each other, then at Linden and Sam again. 
    "The Cryptic Code?" Pax and Keira said in unison. 
    "Without breaking it by going into too much detail," said Linden, "the Cryptic Code is the reason we aren't allowed to tell you everything you want to know. Don't worry. There's a very good reason for it, but..." 
    "Let me guess," said Keira, "telling us is against the Cryptic Code?" 
    "Who else is affected by this code?" 
    "I can't tell you that." 
    "Do you KNOW who else?" 
    "I can't tell you that, either." 
    "Well, are there very many others?" 
    "I can't tell you that, either. ANYWAY," said Linden, trying to get back on track, "Sammy, this is where you come in. Pax and Keira need to know where to go next." 
    "Where have they already been?" Sam asked. 
    "Candara Prime, Lucida Major, Calibri Delta, Castillar Theta, and here, Coronet Iota," Pax responded, counting them on his fingers. 
    Sam thought about the response for a moment, then smiled. 
    "Well then!" said Sam. "I hope you like music, because you're off to Forte Minor, to find the Monarch of Melodies himself, King Sing!" 
    "Really? It's already time for Forte Minor?" Linden said. "I'm not complaining. Forte Minor is one of my favorite worlds!" 
    "What exactly IS Forte Minor?" Pax asked. 
    "The music capital of the multiverse, lad!" Sam responded. "The home of every genre of music imaginable!" 
    "Wow!" said Pax, excited. "That sounds awesome! Well, let's get go-" 
    "Oh, before I forget," Linden interrupted, "there's one thing I need to tell you two. From this point forward, I won't always be able to come when you call me. There are certain parts of the multiverse that are just inaccessible for me. Also, I may try to spend some time searching for my departed loved ones, because I'm fairly certain that some of them had enough unfinished business to become ghosts." 
    "That's a good use of your time!" Pax said. 
    "Wait," said Keira, "where on Forte Minor can't you go?" 
    "Well," Linden began, "I won't be able to go into King Sing's palace, so you'll have to talk to him yourselves. I may be able to appear in the area that you are in when you first get to Forte Minor, but other than that, my reach is rather limited." 
    "...What a load of sh-" 
    "KEIRA!" Pax interrupted. "Seriously, please get a censor! There actually ARE child lifeforms present this time!" 
    "Alright, alright," said Keira. "You ready to go?" 
    "I'm ready if you are." 
    They took out their meteor gifts. 
    "Chaos Pacificae!" they shouted in unison. 
    Then, light enveloped them, and they both disappeared! 

To be continued... 
Part 10!!! Pax and Keira met Araquelle, the spider woman with anger issues, as well as Seamus Stormberry (AKA Sammy Storm), the cencervitaur they were looking for! Now, they're off to another world! What hilarious antics will they get into next? 

Okay, this is a message specifically for Charles S. Fudge, AKA Mason. Fudge, if you're reading this, I need your help. Pax and Keira are only a few worlds away from Helvetica-7, and I need a refresher on the Helveticas. Julius, his children, and all of the robots. You think you could help me out? 

So, you're scrolling down again, huh? 

You'd think you would be more cautious with the scrolling by now... 

This wouldn't be my first scroll troll. 

Are you seriously still reading these? 



That takes serious dedication... 

I must say, I respect your determination. 

I guess I could give you a cryptic tip to think about... 


Red isn't the only special color... 


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