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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Chapter 1: That Boy (Diary Entries of Helen)

February 23, 2018


Dear Diary,
    Today i met a young man. His name was Achilles. He was like every other boy but he was also... different... original. I mean like, he didn't try to hide his feelings. I think he may be the chosen one. The camp i go to has an oracle. I seeked the oracle after talking to Chiron the centaur. The oracle said...
The chosen on will mend your heart,
He will use his wits and strength,
A journey with two others you will start,
He will be invulnerable in length,
With a hidden heel that is weak,
Now go seek,
Complete the path,
Before the mother Earth shows her wrath.

 After discussing this in the Big House with Chiron and the other senior counselors, we knew that a half-blood/demigod was out there waiting for us even if he didn't know who he was. Clover, a satyr, said he found a half-blood at the school i go to and that he was very powerful. I kinda was attracted to him as well. He was.. cute.. you could say. I was really happy when we sat next to each other in Math and was pretty sure that he would say something to me. Sadly, he said nothing. He looked really energetic and excited but he also seemed nervous to say anything. He was staring at me constantly non-stop and i blushed looking away. I didn't realize it till he went "Huh?" but the teacher had called on him to answer a question. I saw the question on the board and felt bad that he was confused because he was staring at MY FACE. I quickly and secretly wrote down the answer on his desk and showed him without the teacher knowing. He looked super grateful like he was special. I also felt an aura around him. It was like he just came out from a heavy rainy day when it was super bright and sunny outside. I felt sparks in the air as well. It was as if two auras were fighting with each other. The Great Prophecy that i looked at when i was younger in 7th grade still haunted me in my nightmares. It said..
The Mother Earth shall rise in glory,
You all will feel really sorry,

Lightning and water in a war,
To soon end with the villain sent far,
The hero will use two powers,

As he will be son of neither followers,
The king of the sky and ocean shall rise or fall,
One side will remain defeated in the brawl. 

I was terrified after thinking who the hero would be. All of us at Camp Half-Blood knew there was a war that would happen between Zeus and Poseidon but only i knew what it was about.It was about a hero that the two argued about. Know one knew who the hero was or who were his parents. We just knew that he is invulnerable everywhere but his heel based off the prophecy. Anyways, i just know i'm looking for a hero who is special with a war starting because of him. He doesn't even know who he is probably. I think it is Achilles though. He seems like that and he looks (not saying i'm always looking at him just a look like i look at everyone else okay?). Okay, so he looks really tan and clean like he bathed in mythical water and his aura also gives away that Zeus and Poseidon would start a war over him. I believe that he actually is the one. Hopefully, i would love to go on an adventure with him. The bell suddenly rang then and i headed to gym only to find he was in that class as well. Later on, i find out i have every single class with him. In gym class i decided to try my luck with him since i liked him (HOLD IT! As a friend don't get me wrong now). I winked at him since i figured he would be better then me in soccer so once i winked and he easily stopped in his tracks allowing me to take the ball and score a goal. I told everyone in the school and posted it on social media and messaged every single person NOT to tell him my name NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. I want him to find out my name by asking me so i did that. A couple pieces of candy were lost in this cause but it will be worth it.
Okay so this one is shorter because i don't know what to add, so yeah. Sorry about that. The diary entries of Helen are basically the same as the diary entries of Achilles but since Achilles is the main character his diary entries will be more detailed and longer.


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