I'm an introverted teenager from Tanzania who is absolutely fascinated in reading and writing. In fact I've written my own book and successfully launched it. It's titled: "Larry Bourne: Where's The Pharaoh?" I'll continue with a whole series.

Message from Writer

Reading and writing is fascinating and one should have a passion for it! If you dream of writing, nothing can stop you, just write on! What'd you think people like Rowling or Brown did?

The Creatures

October 30, 2018

Luke awakened with a sudden jolt. His peaceful dream was interrupted by a thud on the roof. He hoped it wasn’t one of them, the arachnid-men, menacing mutated humans with eight limbs, eight eyes, sharp pincers and hair all over that terrorized the night, searching for fresh meat. He was the only guy with the cure for these monsters, yet they always seemed to be one step ahead.
He waited in silence, praying that nothing would sense his thundering heartbeat drumming in his chest. The clicking sound of the sharp pincers clicking together grew nearer and nearer with each passing second. Luke closed his eyes and begged for it to be over soon. Then, the door was torn open and three limbs grabbed him. He screamed and thrashed about but his held tightly. The arachnid-man pulled him out and lifted him so the others behind it could see. The arachnid humanoid clicked its pincers out loud and spoke in a hair-raising voice.
“For the queen.” And its mates began clicking their pincers too.
Then Luke knew it was all over. He closed his eyes as he felt hot breath come near his neck. He felt a sharp pain that caused him to scream out. Then he began thrashing about on the floor as the creature dropped him. He could feel his memories slip by, he felt like he was no longer himself. He was slowly dying. His life flashed before his eyes before everything went dark. He felt his body mutate slowly until finally the pain stopped. Luke was no longer himself. All he thought of now was following the desires of the queen of the monsters. He opened his eight eyes and joined his fellow mates.
“For the queen!” he proclaimed out loud.

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  • LarryMatoyo

    Imagination is keen in writing. But you can also get writing prompts from Pinterest.

    over 3 years ago
  • The Dreamer

    I wish I could write the way you do. How do you come up with so many great ideas?

    over 3 years ago