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Childhood Memories

October 28, 2015


    Returning the my old elementary school playground was like entering another time. It was the time of not caring what others think and just being kids. I remember the old red wheel, it still has some red paint chipping off. The most popular game we played in that was “flush the toilet.” The point was to be able to take off and land in the platform. When it was my turn, the adrenaline in me was pumping, thinking “I cannot get flushed!” So I put all my weight into and aha! I successfully made it. The feeling of making it was like winning the lottery. Moving away from the red wheel I stop and look and the monkey bars. That was where I meet one of my oldest friends. We first started off with a little competition about who could skip the most bars. Unfortunately I lost but that didn't stop us from being friends.
    Going into the school cafeteria brought back a lot more memories. One of the most vivid memories I have is going into the cafe after my band concerts. The atmosphere there was almost like Christmas. Happiness and a ton of food. My friends and I had to pose for picture for our parents But after that we were left with the food! We were maniacs going for the food. The memories I have here are the ones I want to be able to tell over and over.


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