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Blind Love Story-Chapter Three- S1

February 14, 2018


    I watched his smile fade, as he stood from the bed.
​"Hello?" He asked.
His smile...never faded.
​   I had my sister take him back to his home that night. I couldn't stand to hear how upset his voice would sound, or as it treated me like a baby saying things were going to be just fine, and he still liked me the same. While I'm here, laying on my bed, throwing this roll of tape I found under my bed up and back down, wondering why I had done what I did.
​  "Things are never going to get easy for me."
​I walked to the kitchen, and put a toaster strudel into the toaster oven, and sat in my chair. With my backpack by my side, I pulled my story journal back from my bag, and started to read some of my old stories. There was one I liked to call, Till We Meet Again.
    ​Till We Meet Again, By Keith Lafayette.
​Chapter One, Meeting The One
   I walked into school, holding my backpack strap onto my shoulder, trying to imitate what I saw a bunch of popular kids do in the movies. Maybe this will get me noticed, I thought, maybe finally Pam Flax will see me, and we shall live happily ever after. Well. To my surprise, (not really), things hadn't gone how I expected them too. I continued on into my old classroom I hadn't seen since Christmas break had started. Two weeks can seem like forever to a young kid with nothing to do in his spare time. I sat down in my usual seat by the window. Boy, was I lucky. Sitting by that window, getting the sun, and the beautiful view of the nature that surrounded this school. Not to say my school was anything very...important to me, nor the world, but I have to admit, I wouldn't want anything to change with how the bushes looked so grown-over on the school building walls like something you would see in Wonderland, or Jurassic Park.

​  I laughed, almost sad my chapter had ended there. But the question was, did I really want it to finish? I flipped a few pages, then smirked when I found something I had written just about a few months ago, right before I met Leo. I started reading, ​Detective Duck, And The Case Of The Stolen Underwear. ​Yeah sorry, maybe I can share that one another time. 
​   Before I could continue laughing at my stories, my sister came into the kitchen, taking her place at the table, giving me a look that said something she still said from her lips.
​ "What happened between you and Leo?"
​I gulped, and nearly fell off my seat when my toaster strudel popped up from the toaster.
​"N-nothing," I said, frantically stuffing the hot food into my mouth so she didn't think to ask me anymore questions.
​She did, though.
​"Well, when I got there to his house with them, he kept asking me to make sure you were okay. Did you say anything to him?"
​I raised an eyebrow, wondering the same thing myself. Had I said something to make him worry?
​I mean, I am the worried one! Why should Leo be worrying
​ "No, I don't think so."
​She shrugged, flipping through her phone.
​"Okay, well, I would talk to him tomorrow. He seemed upset."
​Finishing my strudel, I gulped down the urge to cry with it. She said it. He was upset, just as I had suspected. I kissed him. Probably the worst kisser in the universe, who wouldn't get mad I stole this moment from him? Ugh, I feel so dumb. I just...
​   I stood, and did what my heart called for. I ran out of the front door. Of course, it was raining. I sprinted down the sidewalk hearing Ann screaming my name behind me, then calling for Mom. But I didn't care. I forced my legs to go faster, at the same time, praying I didn't face-plant into the cement. I don't like how it looks that much, anyways.
​  Out of breath, I walked through Leo's fence gate, and up his porch stairs, knocking on the door three times, then ringing the doorbell four times. Yes, they love me.
​   Mrs. Peterson answered the door, her usual smile not there.
​"He's in his bedroom. I've tried talking to him, but he wouldn't answer to me. Please...maybe you can get him talking again, please, Keith."
​I've never seen that look in her eye was almost like she was scared.​
​I walked (fastly), through her front door, and went straight into Leo's bedroom. And what I saw, almost broke me into pieces.
​    Leo was sitting at his desk, and around his chair laid exactly twenty five crumbled up pieces of paper. I walked over to him, and saw he was asleep, a pen in his hand. His head was laid on his arm. I smiled weakly, and picked up one of the crumbled pieces of paper, and opened it. All I could make out was scribbles. And the thing is, Leo is horrible at writing, given the fact he's blind. I opened up every piece of paper, until I found a few words in one. Words, I hadn't seen since I was a little boy, and my dad was writing to us from war. It was his last words. I stared at the paper reliving the moment a thousand times over, seeing my mother crying, and Ann covering my ears. I still don't know why she did that. It wasn't like I didn't see the pain that was going on around me. 
    But these letters...this word on this sheet of paper written by a blind man, nearly moved me from this earth, and back into my Daddy's arms again. I could almost feel them wrapped around me.
​I decided to read them aloud.
​"I didn't want things to end this way. Stay strong for me."
​    Though, as much as I wanted to believe it to be true, I knew this wasn't Leo's handwriting. I slowly turned, and laying asleep on his bed, was a girl.
​And you don't know how bad I wanted to punch her.


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  • BlueWriter

    I'm sorry to the both of you for making you sad or ending it at a mean place LOL its how I roll ask ANYONE. Specifically Bree, though. Anyways, thanks for liking and reading this! Yay!1

    almost 3 years ago
  • Aussie23

    No, no no no! Grrr, I got a bit sad on this one. Still really good! And just to say I don't THINK fastly is a word but, ya. I loved this chapter!

    almost 3 years ago
  • CreativeAngel

    what just happened??
    You can't just end it i wanna know what's next.

    almost 3 years ago