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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Chapter 1: That Girl (Diary Entries of Achilles)

February 15, 2018


Dear Diary,
    Today i met such a beautiful girl. People said that the Goddess Aphrodite was beautiful. I choose that girl, like a crystal from the deepest caves, sent to mend my broken heart. I saw her at high school today. It wasn't that she tried to be beautiful. She was naturally the pretty angel from heaven. Even better, she was intelligent. She did everything in less than half the time everyone else did it. She was shy which i also liked about her. She didn't raise her hand very often. I took French classes with her and i almost believed that she was perfect.
One problem was she was too shy. She refused to talk to anyone. Say hi to her and she would squeak hi and run away. The conversation never got past hi. She was still a legend at our school though. She was also super nice. No one dared to insult her mostly because there was nothing to insult her about. All the boys were in love with her and wouldn't date any of the other girls. It sounds crazy but she was a knockout. Problem was, no boy had the courage to ask her out. It was the first day of tenth day and i thought that maybe my luck can change. We had math first thing in the morning and my teacher put me NEXT TO HER! I almost screamed in excitement but then i got even more happy. The girl was STARING AT ME. She looked me straight in the eye and for a second.. i thought she loved me. Then she cleared her throat and walked to her seat and sat down. I walked to mine too and sat down. I was nervous to say anything to her and before i was brave enough to the teacher started teaching class. This girl had beautiful long brown hair to her waist and beautiful blue eyes. Now that was rare. Brown hair and black eyes, beautiful and normal. Blonde hair and blue eyes, beautiful and normal. But this girl, perfection at its finest. I was sitting next to her and still couldn't get over that fact. The teacher was still teaching when she asked a question i was unaware of. 
"Ok class what is y equal to in the equation- 2+2y=18, Achilles will you answer this please"
I was staring at the girl still and pulled my eyes away quickly.
"Huh? Sorry, What was the question?"
The teacher sighed as the rest of the class burst into laughter. Even the girl next to me managed a giggle which she hid in her pink rosy adorable cheeks.
"Achilles, what is y equal to in 2+2y=18?"
"Oh umm.."
I was actually stumped! I couldn't think of anything but the girls' hidden giggle that only i seemed to hear. Then i noticed she secretly wrote something on my desk. She wrote...

"y=8 Mrs. Dragon" (Seriously, who names their child's last name Dragon"
"Good Job Achilles", as if i've never gotten anything right in my lifetime so far.
I thanked the girl writing on the desk and she nodded at me. That was a miracle. She wouldn't talk to anyone but right now, she gave me an answer. I started drawing a heart and was gonna put her name in it but wait, I didn't know her name.
I wrote down asking what her name was and Mrs. Dragon came over.
"Lookie here some lovebirds need some privacy time in math class."
Class busted out laughing again and the girl actually laughed. Right along with the class even though her face was really red and pink but the legendary girl had laughed. A good happy free laugh. My day couldn't get any better. Oh but it did. 
Next i had French class with this girl. The teacher put us at the same table and i was across from her looking directly at her. She looked away but i couldn't stop staring. Then the teacher called on her even though her hand wasn't raised. She answered perfectly in French with no hesitation. The teacher looked really happy for her. She blushed when she caught me staring again and realized that everyone else including the teacher was staring at her remarking her intelligence and beauty as if they had never seen her before. (Probably didn't either). Anyways, we went through the class, luckily i wasn't called on, and the bell rang. Time for gym. I couldn't believe my luck when i saw that girl again come out of the locker room and in her gym clothes. She looked really pretty still and looked like she would win every competition to come. I was so busy looking at her from my seat on the ground that i missed her name when the gym teacher, Coach Frucile, called out attendance. I cursed under my breath wondering if anyone would know her name. The Coach said she would be team captain for soccer and i would be the other team captain. We played throughout the game, my team, against hers, even though hers was winning by a lot. My team didn't really care, actually no one cared because everyone just laughed when she scored a point (She scored every single point. How is that possible and legal??) At one point, i got the ball and was headed towards their goal to score a point when i saw her racing right at me, her brown hair swaying behing her in a high pony tail. She ran at me, took the ball from me and passed it to her teammate. Before she continued she winked at me and ran away like nothing happened. My jaw dropped as i just stared at her. Then everyone was laughing and i closed my mouth and continued playing. The day went through and apparently everyone i asked said they didn't know her name and giggled as they walked away with there friend groups. It felt as if she told everyone not to reveal her name. How was i supposed to know now? No way was i gonna ask her in person, and i had none of her contacts on my phone or social media. Ughh 

Achilles, August 21st-42 A.D. 
Start of a new diary entries series. Hope you enjoy! <3
Achilles and the girl whose name i will reveal in the next chapter are going to have a lot of adventures. You fellow readers just wait. (Yes i used the name Achilles from the Greek Legend and the girl will also be from a Greek Legend)
Here is your hint to guess her name...
(If you know Piper Mclean from the Heroes of Olympus series you would know this) ;D
Ps: I know that none of this happened and the timing and basically everything is completely fake. Especially the timing.


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