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Rapunzel: I've been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it's not everything I dreamed it would be?
Flynn Rider: It will be.
Rapunzel: And what if it is? What do I do then?
Flynn Rider: Well, that's the good part I guess. You get to go find a new dream.

Rapunzel Diary Entry

February 14, 2018


Dear Diary,
I star out of my window in this dreadful tower. Floating lanterns gleam in the distance. How I wish I could go and see them in person. For far away their beauty is slanted and dull. The stone walls of my room are filled. I'll have to start painting on the wooden beams. Maybe Mother Gothel will buy me some paper so I can make paper lanterns to hang on them. I could also ask Mother Gothel if she could get me some more books. The three I have are worn from years of reading them and a story tends to get dull after so many times. I finally beat Pascal at chess today. Only took me eighteen years. Oh and I found him in hide and seek today, that is another first. Still it all seams insignificant. I stare at the stars. I wonder when my life will begin.
To Do List:
[] Ask Mother Gothal for paper and books
[] Make paper laterns to hang across the beams.
[] Go and see the laterns
[] Wait for my life to begin
Yours Truly,
A follow up on the Belle Diary Entry, except this one is for Rapunzel and a little different. I am writing these for a story on Story Wars. It's this really cool site where you write with other people and vote where the story should go. I reccomend it. Here is the link to the Diary Entry story I am writing for. 
Happy Valentine's Day!

Keep writing and inspiring the World


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    sorry. that's my favorite part of the movie ;)
    but i lovee this idea and you did a great job writing it!!

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