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The Inexorible Creature

February 21, 2018

    I was hired to deal with a monster, but I never expected this.
    The scientists led me into a room where we saw it motionless in the center. At first, I mistook it for a statue. It was a deranged creature, colored a disturbing mess of black and green, which looked less like flesh than stone. It had a head, gruesomely and permanently twisted with a vague object - a tongue? - loosely hanging from it. They eyes were hollow, and yet still seemed to hold life.
    I stood there in shock. One scientist screamed and began to convulse terribly. I momentarily glanced at him, then looked back- but the creature was gone. I turned and suddenly, it was right there, in front of me, though it seemed not to have moved at all. I screamed and fell backwards. The scientist next to me made a horrible sound before he vanished in a flash of light.
    We fled, and were separated. Along the way, I uncovered the terrible truth of this laboratory. Experiments using lives, souls. I'm not easily disturbed, but the things I saw will haunt me forever.
    Suddenly, the scientists burst in around me. One screamed at me that I was to blame, that they could appease this demon with my blood. Desperately, I backed away, but he was upon me in an instant.
    But then, it appeared again. First, it was in the doorway. I blinked, and it was upon my assailant. He began to shriek as the other scientists fled. With cold efficiency, it dispatched them, never breaking its terrifying gaze from me. Lastly, it turned towards me. I stared it in the eyes, and realized what it really was. The creature before me wasn't a monster; rather, it had been created by monsters.


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