Anna Krekelberg

United States

The "Monster Bird"

September 4, 2021

     “Zis ish possible?” asked the balding German, calmly sipping coffee in the crowded cafe.
     “No, it’s not possible!” Jim pounded his fist on the table.  Other diners paused to eavesdrop.
     “Tell me vhat zis ‘monster’ looks like.  I like to form my own opinions of such things.”
     “Well, I've heard it's a monster with six wings that don’t flap, has no head, has a tail that spins horizontally, and odd rectangular-shaped feet.  There's no such thing!”
     But that afternoon, Jim himself sighted the distant "monster bird".  Terrified, he locked himself into his mountain cabin.  He couldn't clearly see everything about it, but he knew.  He nervously grabbed his gun and closed the door softly.  He ran towards the "bird"; suddenly, he stopped.  His hands shook with fear, and he closed his eyes to steady his nerves.  He had killed wild animals before, but never a fiend like this.
     Suddenly, a hand gripped Jim's arm; in his fear, he imagined a claw enclosing him.  He could imagine the deadly, venomous fangs poised above him.  He shuddered and opened his eyes.  He almost laughed when a man took hold of him and pulled him to his feet.  Jim didn't know that he had been kneeling.
     "Hello," said Jim nervously.
     The man laughed.  "Hello.  I've heard that my 'monster bird' has been scaring a lot of folks in this nice town.  Why don't I explain?"
     As Jim got closer, he saw that the "bird" wasn't really a bird.  The man explained that he and his brother were experimenting with a new flying machine, and explained how it worked.  The more he listened, the more foolish Jim felt; and yet he felt more convinced that the world was changing as he knew it.  He could not help but like it.


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