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I'm a little closer to being an adult than I would like, my favorite book is "The False Prince" by Jennifer A. Nielsen, and I've been writing a novel since I was nine years old.


February 13, 2018

     How can one become a monster? Isn't everyone a monster with a pretty face? I don't change into a monster because I always am one, it's only apparent when my face, my outside, turns to match the inside. Do you want to know more? I know all sorts of things, everything you want to know. Just come, come to me. The water isn't that deep, you can swim, you can reach me and when you get here, I'll tell you all of it. Did you know that every monster's greatest weakness is...Just a little closer. I feel like I'm screaming it! Don't you want me to whisper it into your ear? My silky black hair draping over your own shoulder as my lips tell you the most intriguing knowledge? The feathers on my arms are hidden from you, don't bother looking for them. Come on, come on, just a little farther. As soon as you know, you can strike me down for the ugly monster inside me, but for now, enjoy my beauty. Isn't wisdom more important than looks anyway? The water is gentle here, and warm, like a blanket, enveloping you with dreams of knowledge even I don't know. Staying here forever would be so nice, so perfect. Just close your eyes and dream. See, I'm not a monster. Not from this perspective. I only help you find true knowledge, which was exactly what you wanted. Wasn't it?


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