Long time athlete
short time writer
Lover of life especially when it is in the mountains mid July with a glacier fed lake on each side
Today, the dream is to be a professional writer, but the dream changes daily.
Peace and Love

Message from Writer

We are all different, but if I had one piece of advice for any writer, it would be to seek inspiration from personal experience. I think we all turn into our own heads and rack our personal experiences to find some inspiration, but sometimes we must put in work. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your writing is to get out of your own head, get out of your own house, heck, get out of your own city, and explore the depths of this world, and yourself, that you have never reached. You have a million personalities and emotions and experiences that you are unaware of. Harnessing the parts of you that have yet to be discovered will change how you write.
Always enjoy the process.
peace and love, Ab.


April 10, 2018

My hands stop their nervous fiddling and my eyes don't dart. I'm safe.  

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