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The Dreese Puns Assemble- Part 1

October 28, 2015


    "Ah sailing the seven Dreese", the Captain sighed in happiness. "Nothing quite like it don't you think, Drolick?"

    "I suppose so Captain," the young deckhand replied slowing in his scrubbing of the helm. "You can't very well have the feeling of sailing when you've both feet on the ground!"

    "Ha ha, so you can't, Drolick, so you can't. Aren't you done cleaning that yet lad? Put some elbow Dreese into it!"

    "Yes Captain. Sorry Captain. We haven't cleaned 'er in so long it's hard to get all the rust off 'er, sir."
    "CAPTAIN!" the look-out cried from above. "CAPTAIN! THERE BE A STORM ROLLING IN!" 

    "A storm he says? We'd best try to outrun it! But where is it coming from?" the captain asked whirling all about.

    "Captain! I think it's already here!" screamed Drolick. "AH DREESE LIGHTNING!!!!!" The entire crew screamed as the lightning hit and a few moments later there was nothing left in that patch of sea except a flock of Dreese high above.

                                                    To be continued.......... 


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