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Blind Love Story-Chapter Two- S1

February 13, 2018


    I stared at him for a moment, not sure what to make of it. He knows the color of the lockers. He is blind. Unless he is a superhero of some sort, I'm out of guesses as to what had just happened.
​"Leo?" I asked him.
​He looked over in my direction, a smile still on his face.
​"Lets go to class, Keith."
​   And so we did. I walked him to our first class, math, and we took our seats. He and I were lucky enough to sit by the windows, where we get the sunlight. Thinking about the sun, it really makes me wonder. Does he get to see the sunlight? Or is he always trapped in the dark?
​   As the teacher talked, I flipped through some pages in my notebook, and found some old stories I had written. Yeah, I know. How silly of me to think I could become an author. I'm not very talented in that category, but maybe one day who knows what could happen. I looked up shutting my notebook, and looked at Leo, who sat in front of me. I followed his gaze. He was staring out of the window.
​   I looked outside, wondering if he was just gazing off like he always did. He was still smiling. But then I saw something outside. It was a blue hummingbird. It was zooming around the blossoming bushes outside of the window, in the sunlight, flapping its wings as fast as light. It's humming drained out the sound of my teachers voice, almost like I could hear it through the glass window. It's eyes were a greenish-blue, and it almost looked as if it were smiling. It looked straight at Leo. And Leo looked straight at it.
​   As if he could see it, he put three fingers up to the window, and the hummingbird flew off. Was he trying to talk to it? Could he feel the sun? Was he finally in the light like I had always hoped?
    School ended eventually. Thank god. I got up from my seat, and soon enough, me and Leo were on our way back to my house. We would always do this, just to hang out a little more before the next day of school had arrived.
​   When we got to my house we both snuck past my sister, and into my bedroom, quietly shutting the door behind us.
​"What are we going to do today, Keith?" Leo asked, setting his backpack down in the middle of the floor.
​"I don't know, probably study for the quiz."
​He nodded, smiling.
​I watched him sit there for a moment, the silence surrounding us. I had to ask him. I'm sorry universe.
​"Leo, are you blind?"
​He stared to the side of me, and to my surprise, busted out laughing.
​"No, I can see you perfectly," he said in a sarcastic tone.
​I rolled my eyes, suppressing a laugh myself.
​"Why would you ask such a ridiculous question, Keith, when you already know the answer?"
​I looked at him, then took a place by him on my bed.
​"Maybe, I didnt...know the exact answer."
​He looked in my direction, putting a hand on mine. 
​"Are you still there?" He whispered.
​He looked in my direction.
​"I don't know what happens with my eyes, Keith. They just don't see. But, maybe I haven't been completely honest with you. I see colors. I see the light, and I see the dark. I've never seen death, or new life. I want to, actually. Its something I have always feared. I saw the colors of the hummingbird, and I've read about them. Well, traced my fingers on the letters about them. I hear they're beautiful. Are they beautiful?"
​I stared at him in awe. He was perfect. Why was I suddenly doing something? What...what..?
​  I leaned in close to him, and did it. I placed my lips on his, my nose touching his. We kissed. Me and Leo. I pulled away quickly regretting everything, and I saw his hand where my face was. He was going to hold my face. I smirked, standing from the bed, and I ran from the bedroom, leaving my blind best friend, sitting on my bed. 
​    I peeked my head in the door, and I saw him still sitting there. He was blushing like crazy.
​"Keith?" He asked the empty room.
​I watched him, red as a cherry. I cant go in there now, acting like nothing had happened.
"Keith?" He asked again.
​I watched him put his hand back down in his lap, and I knew he thought I was gone.
​But then, here in my bedroom, he said it.
​The thing I never thought I would hate so much.

​"Keith, I have a girlfriend."


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