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A Girl's Worst Nightmare

February 13, 2018


It was warm. Too warm.
It was early August, and I’d been outside playing volleyball for two hours under the direct glare of the sun. It was the speed variation of volleyball, and my team had just ran off the court to let team three on. I hadn’t had water for at least an hour, and was panting hard. My team stood under the relieving shade of an elm, but my body didn’t seem to realize the change in temperature.
Spots started to dance in front of my eyes. Water! My mind screamed at me, but my legs remained uncooperative. Then the dizziness started. Panting harder, everything turned black-and-white, and I leaned over, hands on my knees, to stop my head from spinning.
It didn’t work.
I’d spent too much time under the sun without water. I’d gotten heat stroke once before, and this was worse. My breathing quickened; I was hyperventilating. Everything felt so heavy. Faintly I heard someone yelling. Too weak. My eyelids wouldn’t work. Everything was on fire. I felt myself falling to my knees, but it was in slow motion. Or so it seemed.
I heard a far away voice calling my name.
It was almost like I’d given up. I couldn’t fight anymore. My heart raced faster, faster.
Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. Someone kneeled beside me. Lethargically, I looked over.
It was hard to tell which was faster, my panicked thoughts, or my breathing.
There, beside me, with a very concerned look on his face, was my high-school crush, David.
Please, can’t I just die? My mind begged.
His lips moved. I blinked. What?
“I don’t feel very good.” My words sounded distant, but very truthful.
My last thought before collapsing was I should’ve brought water with me.

All of a sudden I spurted back awake. My eyes were wide as I looked at the sky. The sun was in the same position, though maybe a little higher in the azure sky.
Then I looked around me, and saw everyone staring at me with worried expressions.
I shrunk back a little, and it was then that I realized that someone was holding me in their arms. My mind froze. Oh please, no.
“Did something happen?” I squeaked, not wanting to know, but knowing that I knew who it was holding me off the ground.
“You just . . . fainted.” One of my friends, Rachel, who was kneeling near-by, answered my question.
“Oh.” What a brilliant reply.
Without a word, Rachel passed me a bottle of water.
“Thanks.” It was SO awkward to drink that water with everyone looking at me.
“I’m okay, really.” I really did feel better. Despite the fact that my face was probably bright red from embarrassment.
Slowly, everyone shuffled back to the volleyball court, leaving Rachel, David, and I beneath the tree. Rachel held out her hand and helped me up. My legs still felt weak, but I was cooler, at least. I sort-of smiled, sort-of winced as I looked at David, who stood up, worry still etched onto his face.
“Sorry.” I apologized. You may never know how sorry. Ugh . . . how embarrassing.
“Don’t be sorry.”
“Okay.” I half-smiled. “Thank you.”
“I’ll take care of her now, you can play volleyball.” Rachel said from behind me.
I promised myself to thank her later.
“If you’re sure.” David hesitated.
“Very. Don’t worry.”
He smiled, then joined his team.

Shuddering, I turned around, and said: “Rachel, if I ever look like I’m going to faint again, tell everyone I’m pretending.”
I was just thinking about what the worst thing that could possibly happen to me was. I think this would be it. :P 


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  • AbigailSauble

    Glad you concur. At least . . . I think it's a good thing. ;P

    about 2 years ago
  • Victoria Penning

    Wow..... Yeah, I think that would be one of my worst nightmares too. ;D

    about 2 years ago