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Trying to make this my motto for life

either do something worth writing or write something worth reading
-Benjamin franklin

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When I was younger words flowed like water and i filled up 100s of notebooks and sleepless nights with make-believe tales.
Now it's harder because I don't want to write make belive anymore. I want to somehow capture the world in words. I'm still trying. It's hard because the world is so much harsher and my mind is so much more complicated than my 5yr old self could ever make-believe.

Everyone on this site has something to tell the world or to find inside themselves.

I know life is hard.

Try to write. Try to smile. Try to survive just one more day.

Monster in the mirror

February 13, 2018

"once upon a time a monster broke into the castle ..."

The children in front of me gasp. 

"It was huge, with big teeth and claws and..."

Jenny starts tugging at my arm.

"why was it there?"

I wasn't used to interruptions.

"it was lost. now anyway.. the monster had huge fangs dripping with blood and pointed lethal claws"

"what does lethal mean?"

I'm getting into this now so I ignore him and sit back on my heels.

"the monster runs around in a mad frenzy, ripping up carpets and scratching the stone walls and floors.It threw it self against the wall and tore its own skin with those lethal claws."

maybe I'm laying it on a bit thick.
Jenny's staring at me and biting her nails.
Max is fidgeting and Sammy keeps snivelling.
But I'm not gonna stop now.

"suddenly a handsome prince in shinning armour turned the corner. He saw the blood and the claw marks in the stone. He turned the corner and with one strike of his flaming sword cut the monsters head of." 

I sit back. 

The three children stare at me.
Then Jenny sits up and sticks out her chin.

"why did they kill him?"

I stare.

" they killed 'him' because he's a monster jenny"

" I don't think he was a monster. I think the prince was the monster. he wasn't a monster. He was just lost."

"hey!" shouts Sammy

"lets play monster tag!"

she turns away but then turns back to me.

"he wasn't a monster. He was just lost. like you."

She skips of to join the others. 

later, at home, I go and look in the mirror.
The monsters waiting for me.
Theres a big scar down his cheek and he looks as lost as I feel.



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  • joyful.jessica

    That's really cool and thought provoking!

    1 day ago
  • Plausible.Poems


    1 day ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    The most horrifying realization that anyone could make is that they can only see the real monster when they look in a mirror alone...
    It's the soul (or lack thereof, in some cases) that makes someone a monster, not the (possibly) grotesque and asthetically displeasing body that surrounds it. It's the actions, not the appearance of the hand that does them, that makes a monster a TRUE monster...

    (Great work, by the way!)

    7 days ago