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Chapter Five: Powers

February 13, 2018


So as it turns out those spaces in the hut were actually invisible beds, when I asked about it Alex said, " we do it so there's not an eyesore, you can walk through them when they're not there too."
​" Huh ok."
​Alex then turned to us," ok so, Rebecca you need better training clothes, Amy why don't you show her where we keep them, Jackson can I have a word." She said seriously, looking at him.
​" Uh, o... okay," he replied nervously. Amy turned to me and jumped up and down.
​" Come on, the clothes are really comfortable, and as you can see," looking down at her clothes," very stylish." She then led me out of the hut, down a bridge and into another smaller hut.
​" What do you think Alex wanted to talk to Jackson about?" I asked her, I was a bit worried, ​I hope he isn't in trouble. 
​" She probably wants to warn him that he shouldn't have a crush on you because your the "chosen one" and stuff," she replied not seeming to be worried about it.  
​" Oh" I replied meekly, she led me over to a little cabinet in the hut leaning against it were a few weapons, opening the cabinet she then pulled out clothes that looked like hers but a bit bigger. They were cargo pants, and a light blue tee, there were also boots, they were dark brown and sat a bit higher than my ankle.
​" Nice aren't they?!"
​" Ya I like them."
​" Come here," she pulled me over to a curtain," stand in there and change, will you?"
​" Ok then," I changed quickly, I wanted to get back to the hut and look around more. Amy waited till I was out, then she ran off out the door, I chased after her if I lost her I'd probably get​ lost. She was right in front of me so i ran, it turns out I'm a pretty fast runner, so I caught up to her quick. When we reached our hut Alex was gone and Jackson was sitting on one of the beds staring at the wall with a dazed expression on his face. 
" Um, what happened?" I asked him curiously. 
​He jumped, " what, oh nothing important really just when we should go down to train." He replied quickly.
​" Nice save." Amy mumbled under her breath, I just looked from her to him and back.
"So when does she want us to come down? I asked him, or them.
​" Tomorrow at 6:00am, we need to have had breakfast and be dressed by then, oh and on that note, someone will bring us dinner." He answered looking at me like was the most interesting thing in the world. All I could do was stare back for a second then look away quickly, Amy walked over to her own bed and hopped on it.
​" I'm guessing you want to ask us if you have a power?" she said to me, okay that actually was what i was thinking.​ I just shrugged and nodded though.
​Jackson answered before Amy had a chance, " I'm guessing you will The Master taught us how to harness our " inner power" or something and the training helps us control it."
​" Well you guys are from​ Dreazia I'm not so will I have powers at all?"
" Oh I didn't think of that." He replied, looking down in thought.
​" I bet you will!" Amy said," I don't mean anything by it but it would be pretty hard to win the war without powers."
​" That's true, wait where is the war anyway this place seems prettty calm." I asked, there was barely even a breeze and it was really quiet but for us talking. 
​Jackson got to this one first, " we are in a neutral zone, its were the young and old go in the war, there are a few middle aged people to take care of everyone also." 
​" Lets stop talking about the war for now," Amy said quickly, " instead lets try and figure out what your power is!" She stood on her bed and reached up to a shelf that was above it, she pulled down some sort of see through ball when it was in her hands it turned a shade of light blue.
​" This is a power ball, I know a lame name, when it touch's someone's skin it will turn the color of the power's essence."
​" Where did you get that!?" Jackson exclaimed. 
​" I may or may not have snuck into the training area and ​borrowed it."
​ I looked at it excitedly, " May I?"
​She nodded, " that is why I took it down." Then she leaped off her bed, " here why don't you sit down much more comfortable." I walked over to my bed, it was pushed up against Jackson's, and Amy's was pushed against mine. Right then I actually noticed what he and Amy looked like. Jackson had dark brown hair and green eyes, and Amy had striking red locks, and interesting violet eyes. Then Amy shook me out of my thoughts and handed me the ball. When I touched it it turned a light shade of purple. 
" What is this one?" I asked amy excited that it had turned a color.
​" I don't know I've never seen nor learned of this one." 
​" What but, then what does it mean?"



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