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Hallie loves writing, making art, acting, singing, and telling jokes. She is accepting of everyone no matter their ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or anything else. She always wants to help and always tries to do whats right.

Message to Readers

If you guys could help me with grammar, I would love that!


February 13, 2018


Unkempt curls that framed her face
Bounding through the streets she raced
She raced the hate, the doubt, the pain
and wore a smirk throughout the rain

Her eyes were narrow and eyebrows high
as if to challenge her enemies to try
She wore mismatched socks and a tutu upon her waist
they say she's crazy, but that's not the case

She bounds through rain with feet of bare
You can judge her all you want but she won't care
If you give her a rude remark
she'll smile and say she's not afraid of you bark

But if you're not like everyone else
she just might make your heart melt
she'll tell you whimsical and impossible stories
The ones that can wipe away all your worries

If you get a chance to know her you'll see
and decide for yourself what you think of me.
They say that I'm crazy as mad as a hatter
but I can easily dismiss their chatter

They say I'm crazy, but soon you'll see
That quirky is the best word to describe me


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