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Cowardly Swordsman: Chapter Six

February 13, 2018


Montreal looked at Cowardly, who was still cowering.

“You can do it!” Mustachioed yelled,”Feel....THE POWER!”

”What is wrong with you!?” Montreal yelled,”I’m fighting this little guy!”

”But he needs encouragement!” Mustachioed yelled in return,”From the ‘Stache!”

”...Are all of you Swordsman weird?!” Montreal said. He was hit on the head by something, and became unconscious.

”Uh....did I do it?” Cowarldy asked, hoping someone would awnser.

”Indeed!” Mustachioed said,”Why to take advantage of his distraction!”

”Can I came out now?” Braggart asked.

”Sure, let’s head back and report to Grandmaster Toby,” Mustachioed said. They put the three robbers on the road on the way there, and went back home.
I’m bad at writing fight scenes.


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