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Land of Monsters (Aka, Earth): Chapter Two

February 12, 2018


The train eventually stopped. Thomas, with the Skeleton Crew, went outside to find a huge city. Everything seemed to be lit, and noise was everywhere. 

“Welcome to City Eleven!” Hershey said,”Where all Monsters can gather in harmony!”

”Okay, who is this Percival you mentioned?” Thomas asked.

”Oh, he is a doctor,” Cadbury said,”He lives in the Medical District, in the east.”

Goodbar waved a taxi down, and they got on. The monster driving was the taxi itself, What Hershey called a “Automon’.

”So...this may seem weird but...” Thomas began,”What gender are you three?”

They stared, then laughed. “That’s not weird at all!” Cadbury said.

”We get that all the time!” Goodbar said,”We are men!”

They arrived at a two story building, with a sign that said ‘Dr. Percival Hughs’.



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