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Land of Monsters (Aka Earth): Chapter One

February 12, 2018


Thomas, for whatever reason, had woken up on a train. The room had skeletons in it, except they were...moving.

”Uh, Hi?” Thomas said.

The skeletons looked at him. They seemed to be...engineers?

”Hey there, sport!” One of them said,”Welcome to the Monster Express!”

”Yeah,” A second skeleton,”You going to the big city!”

”Big city?” Thomas asked,”But, I’m not a monster!”

”What?” The final skeleton asked,”Oh, I guess that’s common...”

”What is?” Tomas was getting desperate,”Who are you guys.”

”Well, I’m Cadbury,” Cadbury said,”You know, like the candy.”

”I’m Hershey,” Hershey said,”You know, like the city.”

”And I’m Goodbar,” Goodbar said,”You know like the...” He was silent for a second,”I got nothing.”

”And we’re the Skeleton Crew!” They said and unison. Thomas was silent. Then for some reason the Skeletons  started laughing!

”Skeleton crew!” Cadbury laughed,”Cause we’re skeletons!”

”Okay...” Thomas said,”So, did you kidnap me or...?”

”Oh no,” Goodbar waved his hand,”We just put you on the train, since you are a monster.”

”But I’m not!” Thomas yelled.

”Well, we’ll let Percival look at you, then we’ll see!”


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  • .audrey michelle.

    Interesting story! I can't wait to read more!


    almost 2 years ago