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The Depths of the Mind

February 13, 2018

Some say that it's not all that bad, but others say its most crushing thing in the universe. It, the thing, the darkness that covers all, is terrifying. It never leaves your side; you may suppress it, yes, but it will always be behind you, clicking away behind your heels like the evils of demons. The dark, fast-growing limbs seep out of its deeps, climbing higher and higher until it envelopes your body in its horrid shadow. Panic races through your veins and all you want to do is scream and call out, begging and pleading for anyone, just anyone, to come by and shine a light through the darkness. No one turns, no one sees, the veil covering you from any reach of society. Your throat burns, eyes drowning in tears as you just will for the slightest amount of attention to drive it away--

But then it's gone. You can breathe. Heart shaking, rattling in your ribs as you try to calm down, see through the pain. But even then, no one turns, no one sees what has happened. Apparently, this is normal, to have your mind thrown around in such a hell storm that you have suffocated before everyone's eyes. This is anxiety, the shadowy, monstrous parts of your mind that emerges when it pleases. There it is, festering and waiting for its next strike. A monster, but its claimed to be ordinary or even mild compared to some things that lie in the darkness. And so you are there, laying in your bed at night, willing upon all whims of humanity for it to stop, to let you be alone for at least a short period of time. 

And there it is again, and all you can do is let it take over. 
Yes, the first idea for this flash fiction was about anxiety. At first, the monster was named the Depths but there is no point to cover the truth; the truth is that anxiety's a modern and real monster. 


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