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February 24, 2018

"I have slain wolves and captured beasts, why can't I defeat this pestiferous being?" I mutter angrily. You see, I was the only female warrior in my clan and I was determined to show the archaic elders that I was ready for "real battle". This monster has never been seen, but one could tell by the huge claw marks in the ground, the plagues and burnt crop, that this was a creature we hadn't encountered before. I remove my helmet and step into the elders' tent. 

"Another failed mission, Draiken?" said Cassius, the chief elder.

I clench my fist, but keep a passive expression on my face. "I tracked it as far as I could, but yesterday's rains washed away its footprints and scent. If I could just be given few days to...".

"You're dismissed", 
a deep voice rang clearly into the room.
I knew that voice, and knew it would do no good to argue, there was only one way to change their mind.

I wait till nightfall, then crawl out of my tent. It was a full moon, so it was easy to see where the roads led. I got to the point where I lost track earlier in the day, and on a whim decide to turn left. I keep on walking, when a powerful stench hits me. It was coming from a cave a stone's throw away.
I move closer, resisting the urge to gag, when I see a faint flickering of light in the cave. I pick up my weapon, then I hear it. 
I know that voice. I leave my position and peek into the cave.

We were wrong. We thought they only came out in the dark and looked peculiar, but we were terribly mistaken. They are here. They dwell amongst us. 


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