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Mr. Wellington

By: Lee Fudge

Mr. Wellington walked happily down the street at night, like he did every night. No one one could see Mr. Wellington for what he truly was, and he was proud his disguise was so excellent. Humans would never suspect anyone in a stylish top hat!

Mr. Wellington found a man sitting on a bench. 

“Greetings!” Mr. Wellington yelled,”Would you like to know misery?”

The man was silent, for he was sleeping. 

“Oh well, I’ll do it anyway!” Mr. Wellington yelled. He put the man in a web.

Mr. Wellington liked being a spider.

Message to Readers

Any feedback is great.

Peer Review

It was the first story posted.

I read every story under this category and this is definitely an interesting one.

Possibly lengthen the story a bit

Good name choice.

Reviewer Comments

I like the humor.