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Creative Madness (A writer’s predicament)

October 28, 2015


My mind is like a writing bomb, my thoughts typed out swiftly in my com.
It is really hard to sleep at night, when I have so many freaking things to write.
The issue of mind control, my mind just, won’t follow.
Is it an introvert thing? Why do my mind just won’t sink?
Dunk into my bed, I badly want to sleep.
But my desire, ain’t no mine to keep.
Too much to say, when not even in the day.
Are writer’s all like that? Cause it will be quite sad.
Our creative juices overflowing, my sanity depending on letting it going.
Got to let it all out, release all my opinions out loud.
The life of a writer I guess? Stuck to the piece like a school crest.
As a writer, there are many times where you have so much ideas to express out which are overflowing from your head. It reaches to a point where you can’t sleep because you’re so excited and kept awake by what you want to write out the next day when the sun rises. When thoughts and writing becomes your drug addiction, you may eventually lose control. When you keep it caged, you may go insane. But when you let it all out, you may also go insane. So how do we ensure our sanity? When writing becomes our utmost priority?


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