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This is a work-in-progress that I thought I'd post simply because I have little else to put up here at the moment. Have a read, let me know your thoughts. Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

Obstinance and Stargazing

October 28, 2015


She hitched the dressing-gown closer to herself, revelling in the fabric’s soft folds and the warmth hugging her skin. Ugg boots met the uneven ground with minimal uncertainty and a slight breeze nipped at her cheeks as she continued on in the cold night air.

Was it strange that she did this?

This little habit of hers.

Her fingers tightened around the blanket bundled in her arms and her lips pressed together. Whatever. She trod across the grass, thin with patches like the hill was lined with mottled carpet, before she reached a spot where the light from the house no longer illuminated the ground and trees trailed out from her periphery.

She breathed, inhaling the sharp scent of eucalyptus and the fresh air, crisp and cool like biting into an apple’s skin. There was none of that… thickness you find in the air of the CBD. Only a light breeze and the sharp tang of gum leaves catching on the wind and landing on her taste buds.

The blanket unravelled and dropped to hang from the grip of her hand. She spread it out with a few flaps before laying it down on the ground, covering rocks and potholes and sticks jutting out from the grass.

It was still a slight discomfort when she sat down, but the press of the blanket soothed her somewhat, and she let herself fall back to lay against it.

Really, she couldn’t see why anyone would think this wasn’t the most wonderful thing in the world. 


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