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Cowardly Swordsman: Chapter Five

February 10, 2018


Cowardly had to go to the village that was being robbed. He was teamed Braggart, and he leader of this team who be Mustachioed Swordsman.

”Just watch, Crybaby,” Braggart had said before they left,”I will be better than you!”

Three men were robbing the village. Well, at least trying to anyhow.

Mustachioed has said something to them, but Cowardly was to busy cowering to hear what he said.

”Oh, thank god someone else...” One of the robbers, who standing on a box for some reason, said.

”Wait,” Another said,”Those guys are Swordsman!”

”Indeed!” Mustachioed yelled,”We come from the Grandmaster Buildng itself, to destroy evil!”

”Oh great,” The final robber said,”He’s as dumb as the rest...”

”THAT IS QUITE RUDE!” Mustachioed yelled, as if he wanted people from other continents to hear.

”I’ll take care of them, Sir!” Braggart yelled.

”No,” Mustachioed has calmed down,”You were a bit of bully today, yes?”

”But I’m good now!” Braggart whined.


”Uh..., yessir!” Braggart said, then went to go anywhere but there.

”Cowardly, you handle this?” Mustachioed asked,”You seem to behaving in a matter that is scared.”

”Why are you just standing there?” Box Guy yelled,”Edmonton, attack them!”

Edmonton ran up to them, with his arms in front of him. He then jumped in a kicking motion.

”Let me show, THE MOST PERFECT SKILLS OF DEFLECTION!” Mustachioed yelled. He then raised his sword, then hit Edmonton with the blunt end. Edmonton never lost his momentum, and he crashed into a wall. The poor guy somehow managed to get his leg stuck in the wall.

”Well, this wasn’t part of the plan,” Edmonton said,”Regina could you...”

There was a crash next to him. He turned and saw Regina. 

“Hey guy,” Regina said.

Box Guy was furious. “You idoits!” He yelled,”I have to everything you do’t do!”

”Oh come on, Montreal!” Edmonton yelled.

”Shut up!” Montreal yelled back, he then pointed at Cowardly,”I challenge you to a duel, as we are!” 



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