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I'm a feminist who watches Doctor Who and Harry Potter. I'm an ENTP. Music is my life. Love you Hadley, Emilie, Dakota, Georgia! I'm totally crushing on Loki. Draco Malfoy is 100% misunderstood and Hermione is my role model for life.

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I know that this is supposed to go in the bio but I'm unconventional. I really can relate to people's feelings and people say that I'm the kindest girl in the world but if you're gonna mess with me I can be a bit of a savage. So just be nice and I'll be nice back.
I love all of you and if you appear in my notifications section, I will appear in yours. I review, like, and comment back and if you guys ever want me to review something for you, here I am ready and waiting. Please keep writing and I want all of you that you are worth it forever. Don't ever leave me and your family and friends and if you're ever alone, I will always talk to you and give you support.

Chapter Four: We Let the Past Define Us

February 13, 2018


    "What's wrong with me and Alex?" I wondered, feeling a little annoyed. "And how did you even find out about us being together?"
    "Naomi, news spreads fast as you know well." Callie paused. "Do you even know what the hell you're doing?" she gasped in a big breath. "I know that you and Alex have had a huge history of arguments."
    "I love him."
    "Would you die for him?"
    "You would die for anyone."
    "Well yeah."
    "He's just a friend, Naomi."
    "No he isn't! The other night when we got together - it was so good. We had a nice conversation, he was really helpful and kind and sweet and he told me I was really bright - "
    "Naomi. Stop. Right. Now. He's. No. Good. For. You."
    "I can fix him. He's just a broken kid, Callie."
    "Sweetheart, you can't just fix people. Your past is so broken - "
    "We're helping our past. We're fixing it. We're forgiving it. We're forgetting it."
    "Don't lie to me. You hated him. You don't just get buddy-buddy."
    "Apparently we do."
    "I've been in a relationship before. You haven't."
    "I know what I'm feeling, Callie!"
    "Honey, I don't doubt you like him as friend."
    "More than a friend."
    "I don't doubt that you've - "
    "You don't have a forgiving nature, Naomi, it's just going to hurt you both."
    "Can I at least try?"
    "Do what you want but don't be too serious."
    "You're being an idiot of course I won't be too serious."
    There was a long pause on both ends of the phone. I could hear Callie heavily breathing.
    I knew that she had a point. Alex and I were pretty rough around the edges but I was hoping that, together, we could mend our hearts. And I had trouble forgiving people. I had stayed angry at Karly for weeks when she had asked Jacob out. It was honestly my fault; I didn't have the guts to ask him out and I had hundreds of chances. The worst part was - he said yes to her and then she got involved in things that she should've stayed far away from.
    "I'm sorry, Naomi," Callie finally said. "I don't want to get in a fight."
    "I'm sorry too."
    "I hope it works out - I really do."
    "Thank you, Callie, I really appreciate this."
    "I love you."
    I smiled softly. Callie and I had been like sisters ever since we'd met - inseparable even with the fights. "I love you too, Cal."
    "Have a great day."
    "And love life."
    "And love life." I could hear the smile in Callie's voice.
    I set my phone down. "Who else is gonna call?" I asked myself. "Like really, I wouldn't be surprised if Karly called in a few minutes. But if she does," I decided," I would rather not talk about Alex. Like really, I will talk about anything. Anything but Alex." I could hardly believe that I was talking to myself about phone calls. Now that I thought about it, it was a little bit embarrassing.
    All of the sudden I heard a ding on my phone.
    I swore loudly.
    I slowly reached forward to grab it.
    Straight Talk wishes you a happy birthday.
"What the frick? It's not even my birthday you idiots!"


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  • Kaitlyn ❄

    Thanks *blushes*
    Yes, I think that your life story may just happen here XD

    5 days ago
  • LackingASocialLife

    I'm such a Callie you have NOOOOOOO idea how many people I've told that they're crush aren't good for them and poof! two weeks later they've dumped 'em for the reasons I established...
    Good story! *envies your writing skills* :P

    5 days ago
  • *~. Audrey .~*

    Such a cliff hanger! Something's on with STRAIGHT TALK WIRELESS!


    7 days ago
  • Kaitlyn ❄


    7 days ago
  • Aussie23

    tHIS IS A GOOD ONE whoops caps

    7 days ago