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Growing up by the water

October 25, 2015

John Feeney
Ms. Porter
College Writing D

Growing Up by the Water

    I live in Quincy Massachusetts, which is just south of Boston. Quincy is broken up into different neighborhoods and the neighborhood that I have lived in for ten years is Merrymount. My family and I moved to Merrymount from a different neighborhood called Wollaston when I was seven years old. The reason we moved to Merrymount was to be closer to my grandparents and to be closer to the ocean. Living close to the ocean has really shaped the life of my family and me. 
    My house is only two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, and being this close to the ocean really had a positive impact on my childhood life. My brothers and I would spend the summers at the beach across the street from my grandmothers house. All day long we would play in the water and on the stretch of grass that accompanied the beach. The ocean was the main focus of our lives and we couldn't live without it. Along with playing pickup games of whiffle ball and football, we would go fishing off of the jetty and take the kayaks out in the bay.
    Throughout our teenage years, my brother and I have become more daring and looking for more adventurous things to do in the city. In seventh grade I found out about two piers that some of my friends were jumping off of into the ocean. Immediately I was all in and I was jumping off of those piers everyday in the summer and spending all my time there. One of the piers is located in Houghs Neck, just a mile away from my house so My friends and I would ride our bikes there all the time. The other pier is located in Marina Bay, a smaller more expensive place to live in Quincy that is a little more than three miles away from my house. The trek was worth it because this one was a lot higher than the pier in Houghs Neck. 
    My life near the water was the best life I could've led, even though it was dangerous and dumb at times, but living by the water has really effected my life in a positive way. It helped my gain respect for the ocean and do more to keep the environment clean and healthy.   


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