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Cowardly Swordsman: Chapter Four

February 10, 2018


Far away from the Grandmaster Building was a village. They had no noteabe featurs, except an abnormally large windmill. It didn’t actually produce anything, it was mostly ascetic. 

One day, three men were walking to this village, planning to rob it.

”So...” One brother, Edmonton, said,”This village has...three hundred people?”

”Indeed,” The second brother, Montreal, said,”They should have an adequate sum of money.”

”Let’s rip the flesh off their bones!” The final brother, Regina, said. 

“...Dude,” Edmonton said, disgusted,”Literally no one does that anymore.”

”Why are we robbing this village anyway?” Regina,”The Swordsman are really close!”

”Come on,” Montreal said,”So they’re good with swords, so what?” He raised a hand to the air,”We can defeat those guys with teamwork!”

The brothers gave him a look of annoyance. Even Montreal even realized how corny that was.

”And our fists,” Montreal said finally.

”Yeah!” Edmonton smilied.

”Martial arts rule!” Regina said.

They eventually got to the town square. 

”Did you get...the box?” Montreal asked.

”Yeah,” Edmonton said, putting said box on the ground. Montreal got on top of it.

“Attention all citizens!” He said,”We are here to rob you!”

”Is it trash day already?” An old man asked.

”What?” Montreal asked back,”No it’s were-gonna-rob-you day!”

”Hey that’s enough!” A man said, walking up to Montreal. Montreal kicked him on the head.

”Hey!” A littlle boy yelled,”No fighting, it’s against the rules!”

”Why as we follow your stupid rules?!” Montreal had never encountered such idiots.

”So you can remain safe within the law,” A voice said behind him.


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1 Comment
  • Aussie23

    This was a really good laid back funny one, I loved it, it made me laugh.

    over 1 year ago