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Cowardly Swordsman: Chapter Three

February 9, 2018


Bubbles invented a form of psychology known as ‘Uncomfortablology’. This was characterized by making the patient as uncomfortable as possible, which made them more susceptible to telling him imformation. He usually did this by hugging his victims. 

That is the method he used to get Braggart Swordsman to his office. Bubbles had a rather crooked smile in his face, made even more scary by his beard.

”So...” Bubbles began,”You were being quite the bully today.”

”Heh, the kid deserved it!” Braggart yelled.

”Kid?” Bubbles asked, adjusting himself on his chair,”He’s older than you.”

”Well...he gets scared of everything new!” Braggart said,”Like a...like a..” 

Bubbles got closer,”Like a kid?”

”Uh...y-yeah,” Braggart said.

”Maybe it’s because he lacks a father figure...” Bubbles said, rubbing his beard,”Like you.”

“...My father is alive though!” Braggart yelled,”

”Oh?” Bubbles, for the first time Braggart had ever seen, frowned. It was kind of terrifying.

Bubbles was quite for a long while, forcing Braggart to shift around a lot for some reason. Finally, Bubbles said,”So you think it’s nice to make fun of people you have dead parents? How do you know his father is dead?”

”Because,” Braggart began.

”Oh you have reasons?” Bubbles jumped on his desk,”You want to state them? Want to justify,your reasons of torment? WANT TO BE THE DOMINANT BEING?!”

Braggart fumbled on his words for a while. Bubbles said,”Wanna hug?”

Far away from this terrifying appointment, Cowardly and Stealthy were talking about their dads.

”My dad works in the army!” Stealthy said,”He uses a bow, and so cool! What about your dad?”

”My dad is Cobalt Swordsman!” Cowardly yelled.

Stealthy eyes went wide,”Really? That’s cool! It’s gonna be so great when he gets back, huh? I bet he’ll be proud of you!”

Cowarldy could not agree more.


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