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Cowardly Swordsman: Chapter Two

February 9, 2018


Cowardly decided to follow Grandmaster Toby’s advice, so he decided to find someone that liked him. He had no idea how to do that, though. He couldn’t just walk up to people and ask if they liked him, they might get the wrong idea.

”Hey, Crybaby!” A voice said. Cowardly turned around and saw Braggart Swordsman yelling at him. 

“It’s Cowardly,” Cowarly said.

”Come on, I saw you cry in fright one time!” Braggart yelled for everyone to hear. 

“All the reason why I’m a coward,” Cowardly said. Braggart expected everyone to laugh at this, as he thought it made cowardly seem dumb, however no one saw a flaw in Cowardly’s logic, and moved on.

”Well...you don’t have a dad!” Braggart said.

”Sure I do!” Cowardly said,”He’s the great Cobalt Swordsman!”

”But he’s...” Braggart Bergen, but stopped. He felt something tug his fair.

”Leave him alone, Mister Meanie!” A voice yelled. A little boy materialized in front of him and said”, Or you’ll be sorry!”

Braggart laughed, and reached for his sword, but felt a hand grab him. He turned around and saw the smiling face of Bubbles, the Psychologist Swordsman, and one of the Senior Swordsman.

”I belive we have an appointment,” Bubbles said. 

“No...no we don-“ Braggart said. Bubbles wrapped his arms around him, and gave him a hug.

”You need...help.” He said.

”...I need help,” Braggart said, and walked off with Bubbles.

Cowardly looked at the little boy, and said,”Uh...thanks for that,”

It turned out, he wasn’t little at all, he had the height of a teenager. 

“Your welcome, even if I didn’t do anything,” The Teenager said,”I’m the Stealthy Swordsman.” 

They shook hands. “I’m the Cowardly Swordsman!” Cowardly said.

He had found a friend.



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