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Cowardly Swordsman: Chapter One

February 9, 2018


Cobalt’s son was never named. He never really questioned this, since he figured that he would get named after he completed his Swordsman training. He eventually did, becoming the Cowardly Swordsman, due to his cowardly nature. Despite being a coward, he was still a fairly competent Swordsman. 

One thing Cowardly didn’t like about being a swordsman was the fact some of his fellow Swordsman didn’t like him. He decided to ask Grandmaster Toby about it.

 “Grandmaster?” Cowardly asked.

”What’s up, baby?” Grandmaster Toby said.

”So, a lot of Swordsman hate me,” Cowardly sheepishly said,”Do you know why.”

Toby stroked his moustache,”I think it might be because they think you get special treatment.”

“What?” Cowardly asked.

“Think about it, baby,” Toby said,”Your dad was,” He saw the confused look on Cowardly’s face and corrected himself,”Is Colabat Swordsman, one of my greatest students.”

“But, why they think I get special treatment because of that?” Cowardly asked,”I was trainedmlike everyone else!”

”I know,” Toby said,”You’ll always have haters, baby, most of which you can’t kill. However, you have a great weapon your disposal, the ability to ignore them. Find some9ne that likes you,a nd hang out with them. Got it, baby?”

Cowardly nodded,”I think so.”

Toby smiled,”You know, I think your pretty cool.”

Cowardly returned the smile,”But my dad will always be the coolest, I can’t wait til he comes back!”

He then left. A another Swordsman, Mustachioed Swordsman came up to Toby.

”You still heven’t told him?” He said.

”No,” Toby said,”But funny thing is, I think Cobalt will come back.”

”What is he gone then?” Mustachioed asked.

”You know he always wants his fights to end properly,” Tony said, waving his hand,”That baby’s probably trying to find the last guy he fought so they can fight again.”

”I hope you’re right,” Mustachioed said,”For his sake.”


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