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Crooked Smile

February 9, 2018


Sometimes invisible, the world hides magic away from us in some weird ways.
Inside of a broken lightbulb.
​Inside of an out of tune piano.
​Inside of a broken heart.
​Inside of a blind mans eyes.
​Inside of a fish with one fin.
​Inside of a dying flower.
​Inside of a falling moon.
​Inside of a broken lock.
​Inside of a non-ticking clock.
Inside of a crying child.
​Inside of an empty book.

​All of these are full of magic. Things, that can change the world with one say of a word.
​Believe. Belief. Either one would work. Saying these words could...

​Mend a broken lightbulb.
​Tune the piano.
​Fill a broken heart.
​Give sight to a blind mans eyes.
​Teach the fish to swim.
​Give the flower life.
​Tie the moon to a star with a string.
​Give new chimes to the clock.
​Give the child a voice to be heard.
​Fill that book with love, and life.

​And soon enough, magic can sprout anywhere.
​It can re-appear in everyones life, sending out possibility for new learning.
​New beliefs. 
​And shows people HOW to believe.
​Along with few people on this earth, I can see the magic glowing.
​I see it everyone's eyes. It isn't hard to find.
​But if only one could turn of the light, to let it glow.
​Rapidly, let it glow.
​Through and into every child's dreams. 
​Into the ocean, and fill it with more life and excitement.
​We have one life here on earth. Some see it. I see it.
​And I really, really dont want to waste mine thinking I am the only one who can see this kind of magic blooming and blossoming everywhere I turn.

​So young writer, have a crooked smile. Have your belief grow anyway you think is possible.
​One thing, or one say we have can change the world.
Its happened before. And once is never enough.
​Especially when it comes to all of the magic in the world.
​I believe in it. Can you?



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  • † Skyward Bound †

    I love this! The title especially. I, for one, agree. Great job! Keep writing and God bless! ;3

    about 2 years ago