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I'm kinda inactive on here, but I check up on my feed every few days. If you want or need to talk to me, I'm @notreanimated on twitter and instagram. I don't bite!

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Message to Readers

For all ya'll who read Something Worth Mentioning, the girl who made me realize I was a lesbian liked me back. We dated for over a year, but broke up when she moved away. I think she's gonna move back soon though, and I honestly can't wait until then.

Thanks for any feedback or kind words, friends.

All That

February 9, 2018

PROMPT: Solastalgia

    I miss you, more than I’ve ever missed anyone. Every day someone asks me about you, my heart tightens and my stomach does flips. You still do that to me. You still make me feel. Others lose potency with time, but you still manage to make me shudder.

    I looked through that little book of drawings you gave me a few days ago. I read the note, too. I wish I could explain how I felt reading that note. All the memories came flooding back to me in those few minutes.

    I remember our first kiss together, on that bus ride back from marching band competition. It was so fast, rushed even, but I’ll never forget way I felt when I leaned back and looked at your face bathed in the light of the setting sun. Nothing was the same after that. We knew that we couldn’t live without each other in that moment.

    I remember the morning we went on your roof and you told me about Oliva. I held you and stroked your hair as you cried. She hurt you so bad, and it took me to give you the strength to move past her. We burned the pictures of her in your backyard, then we went back to your room and I held you until we both fell back asleep.

    I remember meeting you by the band room door after my lunch and before yours. We’d go into that bathroom that nobody used and kiss until we both had to leave. You’d walk me to my classroom and we’d hug, then we would part ways, both of us content.

    I miss all that, Alice. But I’m more than willing to wait for the right time for us to reunite.


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