David Levitsky

United States

Part time writer, full time learner and liver of life
Boston, Massachusetts
Tufts University

Message to Readers

I wrote this for my English rotation covering modern poetry. The subject matter is a little grim, but to put that in context, we've been reading "Howl" and poems by Sylvia Plath. Any feedback is welcome, especially critiques on style.

Locked In

October 25, 2015


A prison is a prison
You’re responsible for what’s inside.
has locked away the general population of your thoughts.
Eating you alive from the inside
sexual sin flushing to midsection
sickly envy pooling behind eyes
savage violence pulsing through veins
press their faces to the bars
stick their dirty claws out from the gaps in the cells
until your rugged blade
gores them.
Do they know?
You’re not locked in with them
They’re locked in with you.


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