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Blind Love Story-Chapter One-S1

February 9, 2018


Hello. My name is Keith. And I have a crush on a guy. Now, I haven't always. In fact, I had a girlfriend named May. She was my best friend before she finally decided to ask me out. But the fact of dating her again just made me want to vomit. But when we were dating, I ended up making a new best friend. His name is Gabriel, and a little fact about him...he is completely blind. And this is, our blind love story.

​    I woke up that Sunday morning, feeling super rested and refreshed. Wait, I forgot my shower.
​   Yup. That's right, my friends. You have stumbled upon the life of a classic teenager. I decided after sitting there, ashamed of myself for 10 minutes, it was finally time to start getting ready for yet another day of eighth grade. I got dressed into my normal school uniform, keeping it simple. I wore my regular tan khakis, and a white button up for starters. Then I put on my dark blue vest with my red tie. And just for fun, combed my dark brown hair perfectly. I love acting like I give a crap about how I look.
   After getting dressed, I headed on into the dining room where my older sister, Ann, already sat, prepared for school. I sat down, and began to eat my waffles, only putting a tiny bit of syrup on top. Eventually, Ann peeked up from her phone just enough to notice I was there.
​"How long have you been up?" She asked me, taking another bite of cereal.
​I shrugged, looking at her.
"I guess about an hour....why?"
 She smirked, chewing her breakfast.
"You're late to school then."
I raised an eyebrow at her, setting my fork down.
"If I'm late to class..then why would you still be sitting here?"
She looked at me, her eyes clearly saying what came from her mouth next.
"Does it look like I care about school?"
I rolled my eyes, jumping from my seat at the table, grabbing my backpack, and slinging it over my shoulder as I ran out of the front door, and down the porch steps into my wonderful neighborhood. 
​   The weather seemed perfect today, giving the birds many things to be singing about in the trees that towered over our neighborhood, scattered here and there. About almost everywhere. The sun had risen, putting an extra green touch on the grass in the yards of everyone I lived by. Almost halfway down my street, I stopped on a familiar blue house on the corner. I smiled, walking through the white fence-gate, and down the cobblestone path, soon reaching a porch that strongly resembled a green house. I walked up the steps and knocked on the front door.
​   Before anyone answered, I stood there, enjoying the smell in the air of freshly watered plants, and the smell of new ones blooming. Soon enough, the door opened, revealing a smiling neighbor.
   Mrs. Peterson smiled down at me, her cheeks rosy as always.
​"Good morning, Keith! I'm glad to see you again.
​  I smiled at her, blushing. Its so good when a neighbor likes you. Not saying that many of them are my friends, but hey. Ones enough to make your day.
​   Then, Leo came walking down the stairs slowly, holding onto anything within his grasping reach. He was getting better, considering the fact he couldn't see anything. I smiled weakly, looking down at my red and white shoes with strips, with pink shoelaces. The next thing I knew, he was holding onto my arm. I looked up, seeing his eternal smile shining brightly. 
​"Keith," he said with a smile, "Is this Keith?"
​I smirked. "Yeah, bro. C'mon, thanks to Ann we're already late to school."
​He nodded, and we both told Mrs. Peterson goodbye, walking back to the sidewalk on our way to school. 
​    He held onto my hand, always touching my fingers with his. I looked over at him to admire my progress on making friends. His blonde hair was combed to a side like mine probably done by his mom. We wore the same uniform for school, except he wore grey shoes. His dark blue shoelaces held them together. My dad and mom had been helping Mrs. Peterson and Leo with bills and things like that. Leo's father left them about a year ago. When he did this, Leo didn't know for about another week. He thought he ate with his father every night, and they played cards together. But in truth, it was his mother, trying to hold Leo together until we became friends. Now the pressure was on my shoulders to be there for him, when honestly, we went through everything together. But I didn't mind. He was a good person, a really good friend to be looking out for. Leo...was truly one of a kind.
​   Breaking the silence, a hummingbird with glories colors fluttered by in front of us, its wings almost invisible how fast they were going.
​"Pretty sweet, huh?" I said, smiling at the bird.
​Leo tilted his head toward me, still smiling.
​"What is?" He asked me.
My smile faded a little, and I felt so stupid. 
​    We reached our school building, and I helped him with his locker. Luckily, mine was right below his. I bent down to open mine, right when he said the most remarkable thing I had ever heard coming from his lips.
    I froze, slowly standing back up on my feet, facing him.
​"W-what?" I asked, eyes wide.
​He faced his locker still, his smile still there. He touched the lockers with his fingertips, breathing slowly.
​I looked at the lockers.
​The ​blue ​lockers.


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