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This is my Power of the Pen piece for "The Captive". I'd appreciate it if you guys could peer edit it before I turn it in. Thanks!

The Pack

October 24, 2015


    We are strong.
    We are the pack, and the pack is us. We are indestructible, a suit of armor that will never rust or crack. We are a cement wall that will never fall and will never be penetrated. The wall will deter everyone, and let in no one. The wall, however, will let out a few, but all who leave will come back. All deserters will be defeated, for no one can survive alone, no one in the pack can survive again once outside the pack.
    We are superior, and we have no qualms showing it. All others outside the pack are inferior, and deserve the second-class treatment they receive. They will never join the pack, since the pack accepts no outsiders.
    Together, we are invincible. Together, we are unmatched. Together, we are dominant. Together, we are strong.

    But, individually, we are weak.
    Each member is incapacitated, trapped by their fears, their inhibitions. If a member decides to leave, they are attacked by their own secrets, secrets they so thoughtlessly gave up to the pack.
    I, too, am weak. I am afraid about what would happen if I left. I am held captive by the pack, and by my own emotions. I hope that someday the pack will perish, but I am not powerful enough to make that happen. I can only wait and hope, that someday others will realize the same thing as I did, and rise up against the harmful, cowardly clique called the pack. Because if we do rebel, if we do decide to break out of the cages that hold us, victory is possible.
    The pack seems indestructible, but their armor is not without its chinks. Their wall seems impenetrable, but the wall is flawed and imperfect. The pack says no one can survive alone, but I believe it is possible.
    Also, the pack is cruel. The pack mistreats outsiders for pleasure, though I am sure I am not the only one with misgivings. The pack deceives outsiders, pretending that entry is possible, and keeps them as captives of their own desire.
    If only they knew how much I want out.


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