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A Noble Creature

By: Marerider


    The dragon landed heavily on the forest floor. The sun glinting off his coppery scales. He placed his large body between the young dragon and the girl tied to the giant oak in the center of the clearing.
    “What are you doing?” The old dragon asked his voice deep and rumbly.
    “I’m taking the princess, old one. Step aside.” The young one replied. His voice arrogant. He took a step forward and the old one hissed.
    “Not another step.  Taking princesses has only ever gotten our kind killed. Have you not listened to the warnings of your elders?” The old one rumbled his voice warning. The young one scoffed.
    “What do you know old one? You have lived to long and no longer understand the ways of this world. Step aside!” He dared to take another step forward. The old dragon reared on his hind legs and flashed his wings letting out a roar.
    “You disrespect me, young one. I know this world better then you ever shall. Now leave before this girl’s hero shows up and kills us both.” The young one hesitated, but the old one stepped forward menacingly and he hastily took flight. The old one sighed and spread his wings to fly.  
    At that moment arrows flew from the trees and a young man bearing a sword ran from the forest, several other armed men close behind.
    “Die beast! You shall not have her!” He shouted. In years past the old one would have fought or flown, but he was weary and had not the speed to do either before they were upon him.
    After the battle there was no one to cry over the fallen dragon. No one to mourn the knowledge, courage, and wisdom that the world lost through this noble creature’s death.    

We are sometimes like this young dragon. Intent on what we want and disregarding what those wiser than ourselves try to teach us. 

Message to Readers

Any and all thoughts welcome! Please let me know what you think!

Peer Review

'No one to mourn the knowledge, courage, and wisdom that the world lost through this noble creature’s death.' - This made me sad. Yes, perhaps this dragon had done bad things in his life, but he still had wisdom. At least he had one more chance to pass on his wisdom before leaving the world behind.

Sad, and a strange feeling to listen to those who have lived longer than I have. ;) I mean, honestly, I do that all the time because I read the Bible. But books are also different than people, and thank you for reminding me to listen to my parents and those older than I am. And yet in whatever wisdom I gain, I must match it up with what God says in His Word.

Why did you decide to write about a dragon? :) (Fantastical creatures are often the funnest to write about because they're so unknown). ;)

Reviewer Comments

Excellent! I love the moral you provide behind this. Great job!
God bless!