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August 8, 2014

PROMPT: Open Prompt


When I think to myself about people, I realize the need that we have for companion. Each day we face occasions in ours lives that prove to us how human beings were not created to be alone. Unfortunately, it's not that easy to find someone that really cares about the other's needs. Time goes by so fast that we don't even notice how we are missing things that are right in front us. Things like people we really like, but in the hurry of the day we just let go of them sometimes, not giving them enough attention. But as we all know, people like attention, especially from those that are close to them. The reason of why so many divorces are happening today is not only because the love is over, but also because people forget that their partners in life, even after so many years together, they still need attention, time and devotion. Same thing when talking about friendships. People also forget that friends are something that was given to us so we could hold on to them, and they could hold on to us. Many friendships are ruined due to the lack of attention. It's time for us to start having more consideration towards the people around us and giving them more of our time before it is too late. We never know about what happens tomorrow.


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