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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 10!!! WITH MUSIC!!!

Chaos Pacificae (10)

February 15, 2018


[WARNING!!!: This is the tenth installment of this story, as you may have noticed. If you have not read the previous nine installments, you have a LOT to catch up on. However, (and I know that I am naturally biased in this opinion), I think that it's worth it.] 
{MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: "Coronetian Safari" (may not work on mobile devices)} 

    Previously on "Chaos Pacificae"... 

    Upon arriving on Lucida Major, Pax had no idea how bad his time was going to be. However, after experiencing true fear for the first time, Pax has easily recovered, and he has even shined a bit of light into Keira's dark world. Now, following the (rather limited) guidance of Linden, Pax and Keira are going to a world known as Coronet Iota, in search of a "Sammy Storm," who should be able to help them on their journey... 

    On Coronet Iota...

    Pax and Keira were teleported to a strange looking platform. It was made of metal and wood, and it had vines, paw prints, talon prints, and all kinds of animal footprints painted onto it. There were only human footprints painted ONCE. 
    They were both kind of confused. 
    "Uuuuuh... What?" Keira said, not sure what to expect. 
    Right then, to their surprise, one of the natives, a girl with short black hair and green eyes, walked by, and saw them. What's surprising about this? Well, the native had a tail, for one thing. 
    Yes, you read that correctly. The girl had a tail. A long, furry, fluffy-looking black tail. She also had ears closer to the top of her head. The ears kind of looked... Feline... 
    "Oh, hello," the feline-esque person said, their voice somewhat high-pitched, and very soft. (She also had little tiny fangs). "You two must be nyew here, right?" 
    "Uh, y-yeah?" said Pax, a bit confused. 
    "Well, welcome to Coronet Iota! Enjoy your visit!" 
    The cat girl then started to walk away. 
    "Uh, wait! Can I ask you a few questions?" said Pax. 
    The cat girl stopped walking away, and turned back towards Pax and Keira. 
    "Sure, I guess. Gyo ahead!" said the cat girl. (For clarity, just take out the extra y's in certain words.) 
    "First question: What's your name?" 
    "Okay, Katie. Second question: uh, this one's a little awkward for me to ask... Are you a cat?" 
    "I'm a neko." 
    Pax and Keira looked at each other. 
    "Neko..." said Pax, thinking about that. "That's a human-cat hybrid, right?" 
    "Nyuh-huh. That's right. All Coronetians are some kyind of hybrid." 
    "Huh. Interesting. Okay, final question: do you know where we can find a person named 'Sammy Storm'?" 
    "Hmm... Sammy Storm... I don't knyow the name, sorry." 
    "That's okay, we'll just keep looking. Thanks anyway!" 
    "You're welcome. Bye!" 
    With that, the neko named Katie walked away. 
    Pax and Keira looked at each other, unsure of how to react to what just happened. 
    "...Were we just talking to a cat girl?" said Keira, trying to process what just happened. 
    "...Yes?" Pax replied slowly, still a bit confused as well. "I thought that those were just mythical creatures for science fiction and fantasy stories." 
    "Yeah, me too," said Keira. "What next? Are we gonna see a centaur in a cowboy hat? Ha ha..." 
    Then, they saw a centaur in a cowboy hat. 
    "Howdy!" said the centaur, tipping his hat as he walked by. 
    "...Did, wha-, I-...Did that just happen?" Keira said, stunned. 
    At that point, Pax started laughing a little. 
    "You've gotta admit, that was kinda funny. That timing, it was just-" 
    He couldn't even finish his sentence. He burst out laughing. 
    Keira wasn't amused. 
    "Are you done?" she said, annoyed. 
    "Yeah, I'm done," said Pax as he stopped laughing. 
    "Good, because we still need to find this 'Sammy Storm' guy." 
    "Or girl! Sammy could be short for Samuel OR Samantha!" 
    "Fair point. So, how are we gonna find this person?" 
    "We could just keep asking around? If Katie and the cowboy centaur are any indicator, the people here are probably really friendly." 
    "...Fine, but let's try to make this quick." 
    So, they began their investigation. 

    Coronet Iota was definitely an interesting planet. Other than Pax and Keira, there didn't seem to be any non-hybrid humans on the planet. There were some centaurs, horse-face-guys, minotaurs, merfolk (maid AND man), people with fish-faces (basically, the merfolk, but reversed?), lizard people, nagas, a few spider people, more nekos, bear people, mouse people, dog people, and a bunch of others that are either too boring or too confusing to describe! 
    The animal people of Coronet Iota seemed to have their own weird-yet-good civilization, in which social class didn't depend on species. 
    "Excuse me, Miss," Pax said to a naga, "do you know where I can find someone named Sammy Storm?" 
    "Sssssssorry, but I don't know anyone who goesssssssss by the name Ssssssssammy Sssssssssstorm. It ssssssssoundsssss familiar, though." 
    "Okay, well, thanks anyway!" 
    "Hey, uh, Squirrel Man?" said Keira to, surprise surprise, a squirrel man, "Do you know anyone named Sammy Storm?" 
    The squirrel man was somewhat offended by Keira's nickname. Before anything could go sour, Pax intervened. 
    "Hi, sorry about her," said Pax. "Um, what's your name, sir?" 
    "My name is Chester Nuttington!" said the squirrel man, who was about one foot tall, wore a little suit and tie with a matching fedora, carried a brief case, and had a high-pitched, squeaky, squirrel-like voice. "And I am not accustomed to strange teenagers walking up to me and RUDELY asking me questions! However, you, young man, at least seem to have some manners, so I believe I may be able to steer you in the right direction! Ask the canines about that fellow. They make sure they know EVERYONE on Coronet Iota." 
    Chester then started sniffing around a bit, "walking?" a bit closer to Pax. 
    "Do I smell acorns?" said Chester. 
    "Oh, right!" said Pax, reaching into his pocket and retrieving some acorns. "I forgot that I had some Candaran acorns in my pocket!" 
    "Please, not so loud," said Chester, covering his ears. "At my size, a shout sounds like cannons!" 
    "Oh, sorry," said Pax, lowering his voice to almost a whisper. 
    "It's alright. Anyway, um, Candaran acorns just happen to be my favorite..." 
    "Really?" said Pax. "Then you can take 'em." 
    "Really?!" said Chester. "I can just... HAVE them?" 
    "Sure, I mean, you gave us some good advice. It's the least I can do." 
    Chester then snatched the acorns out of Pax's hand, grateful. 
    "Thank you, kind boy!" said Chester as he scampered off. 
    So, Pax and Keira focused their search on finding some dog people. 

    They quickly found a few. 
    "Could I do the talking this time, please?" said Pax. 
    "Sure, go ahead," said Keira, rolling her eyes. 
    "Excuse me?" Pax said to one of the dog people. 
    "Oh, hello! Hello! Hello!" said the dog person. "How are you?" 
    "Uh, I'm good. How about you?" 
    "Rather good, thanks for asking!" 
    "So, uh, Miss..." 
    "Kana. You can call me Kana." 
    "Okay, Kana, uh, do you know anybody named Sammy Storm?" 
    "Why, I think the name sounds familiar, but... I'm having a bit of difficulty concentrating right now. See, I have this itch on my back that I can't reach, and it's driving me bonkers!" 
    "...I could get that for you?" 
    "You'd do that?" 
    "Sure! Forgive the pun, but, I scratch your back, you scratch mine, right? Except, you know, one is literal, and the other is... You know what I mean." 
    Kana then turned around, and Pax started scratching her back. As he was scratching, Kana's tail started wagging, and her left leg started shaking a little. 
    "Little to the left... Up a little... Just a liiiiitle to the right--RIGHT THERE!!! OOOOOOH, that feels good!" 
    Keira just watched as this happened. It was kind of a weird sight. 
    "...Okay, you can stop now," said Kana after a little while. 
    Pax stopped scratching, and Kana turned around again. 
    "Thank you SOOO much. Now that my itch is gone, I can actually focus! So, you asked about a 'Sammy Storm,' right?" 
    "Hmm... Sammy Storm... Oh! I know that guy! He likes to move around a lot. I think he would be somewhere between the Spider Caves and the Paws & Claws Pawn Shop right about now. Just look for the webs and weird antiques." 
    "Thank you, Kana!" 
    "No, thank YOU!" 
    So, Pax and Keira started heading that way. 

    "Okay, so, here's the pawn shop," said Pax, "And those must be the caves... But where's Sammy?" 
    "Maybe we just missed him?" said Keira. "Let's keep moving. Those spider caves are giving me the creeps." 
    GOD, I hate spiders, Keira thought to herself. Nothing needs that many eyes and legs! 
    They were about to keep walking, when they heard a female voice. 
    "I can help you find him," the voice whispered. The voice sounded young, but not child-young. Maybe around... 19 years old? Also, the voice had a very slight lisp. 
    Pax looked around, confused. 
    "Who said that?" said Pax. 
    "Pax, I think we should go..." said Keira, getting a bit nervous. 
    "Just come into the caves, I'll show you where Sammy is," said the voice. 
    Pax started going into the caves. Keira stayed close behind him. 
    "Pax, I really think we should get out of here..." said Keira, getting really nervous. 
    "C'mon, Keira," said Pax. "It's not that scary in here. Just, uh, don't look directly into the dozens of eyes that are watching us from the shadows." 
    "Heh heh, yeah, that makes me feel SOOOO much better!" said Keira sarcastically (and still nervously). 
    Right then, they heard the voice laugh. 
    "You naive idiot," said the voice. 
    Then, everything went dark and webby!!! 

    To be continued...
Part 10!!! Pax and Keira have now found themselves in quite a sticky situation! (Literally!) How will they get out of THIS one? 

I'm thinking about making music for more of the story. Thoughts? 


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